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1.          Dunedin Linear Repeater                                       

2.           Rotorua Linear Repeater 

2a         The Rotorua linear Repeater  MK 2 rebuild               

3.          Coaxial Resonators

4.          Codan HF SSB Repeater Project


5.         Contemporaneous  On-Frequency   Repeater (not the Plessey patent)

         The Plessey Avionics PTR3411    contemporaneous FM repeater!!

 7          Common Channel communications 

8           Direct Conversion FM  Receivers. 

8.          Circulators   (under construction )

9            Long Range  Bluetooth  Data Transfer 

10          Jamming Enforcement Doppler radar         a few thoughts! 

11        Reciprocating detector For SSB /DSB/ CW

12        Second generation reciprocating detector

13        The Synchronous   Oscillator 

13A      Frequency Demodulation  assisted by Synchronous oscillator

14        Common Rail Diesel injector interference     Isuzu  bighorn               updated nov 2013

15        Superregenerative detector operating at  H.F 

16       Half Wave Dipole Resonants Lengths @ H,F

17       A Remote Controlled HF  Communications  Receiver via  DTMF  ,    ICom     IC-R75.  

18       A  motorcycle mounted 2m  dipole antenna

19      Digital Radio Mondiale convertor 455 to 12 Khz

20      Double Sideband suppressed carrier demodulation  ,  MC1496 as squaring means

21      DSSC    demodulation by the squaring means     diode doubler technique

22   simple narrow filters  

23       Double sideband demodulator  mk3  squaring loop

24       NE567 Tone Decoder as AM FM   demodulator at 455 KHz

25        29 MHz  Coaxial resonator  for the 10m Band

26         Quartz crystals       Where to purchase inexpensive

27         Mini Circuits   Low Pass filters .... SMD        

28         9:1  un-un for HF  receive only 

29         The SA828 UHF  Transceiver  Module 

30         Measuring second harmonic level via notching the fundamental frequency


32/         V/U chinese tracking generator and Spectrum analyser  

33       chinese preamps off the web

34       29 MHz J Pole       

35    super regenerative receivers , quench investigation  

36     A.M / F.M   modulati..\AM modulation of wide band FM.htmon of WBFM systems at 2.5 GHZ

37.   Tuning a ferrite Circulator

38.  H.F Antenna for  RV  Vehicle

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