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 BIKE 2 BIKE      Normal Hours    :  Monday - Thurs   8:30 to 4:30   Friday 1:00 pm   BUT      Sat -Sun , Ring me at home  07 3456000 . 021-985958 and    if I'm   around I dont mind coming in and opening up for you as I realise some folk can only get  in on the weekends  ie riding from Taranaki  ,Auckland, Napier etc .   Turn up on your bike and  try before You  Buy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

For  you to  ring  P.H.S Ltd from Australia you will have to dial  ph  0011 64  7  (3486555 . )  Dont forget the time difference between NZ and Australia  can be more than 3 Hrs ! ( NZ is ahead)  IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS ,THEN SEND THE FAX TO THE ALTERNATIVE No., 0011 64  21985958 

If you are faxing me please put all contact details , your full name, address ,home phone, email  etc   including country , as a lot of faxes, although they have a  fax number on them, often give no indication as to what country they call from  !  this is so I can  contact you about your  order or text me with your phone No. Ill ring you back!

                                                                     This will probably be the most bland web site you will ever come across !
but what we lack   in paucity of appearance, we make up with a richness of usable information !                                             

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However if you wish alternative delivery systems ie national or international tracking couriers ,or insurance ( your responsibility) , please notify us at the time of your order ,we will contact you with the additional cost so this can be added to the purchase payment .
Except on heavy postal items like motortalkies , radios with charger and batteries where standard airmail rates will apply !*        . Airfreight to Australia seems to average 5-7 days 

  Some reasons why we Know our headsets are value for money . !

They are  designed by motorcycle riders for motorcycle riders  and not just some   outfit   that   knocks them together just because there  may be a market for  them  

Our background has been in radio communication electronics for more years than I care to remember , so we have an excellent grasp of the principles and requirements of motorcycle to motorcycle communications and all the pitfalls associated with it .  We have been producing Bike to Bike communication components for over twelve   years now , it started as a hobby and over those  years and many thousands of Kms on the roads,  hundreds of sales, we have learned an awful lot , from constant research and development, individuals variable requirements, feedback from customers and friends , we want to hear all suggestions and comments, not just the good ones either!         Different techniques , microphones ,earphones and  different radios, we've just about tried them all!  We have now achieved  a level of product whereby we can provide a system that     "works well for a modest financial  outlay ". Yes, there will be cheaper units out there in the market place, but I can assure you that their structural design and performance at motorway speeds will reflect the amount or research and development that has be put into them , (zip usually)  so why  purchase something that is going to be possibly hopeless  over 50 Kph !Our headsets have a money back guarantee!! 
safe and happy riding!

Motorcycle communications at speed is a difficult ask , There is large amounts of noise from the wind  and the motorcycle engine so don't expect  the same communications  quality that you would get in a car system , The most critical part is the "listening" side,  a good quiet helmet goes a long way to good comms performance !  and yes for those out there that are skeptical, I do ride lots ,  my
two Bikes are a Yamaha XJR1200  and a 1973 Norton commando 850 Interstate (my favorite mount)  .





Remember these headset  systems have to be assembled by hand ,  That means ; cutting wires to length strpping insulation off , tinning wires . soldering every wire manually to small pins inside plugs and sockets.  checking for continuity ,, and then each plug has to be moulded in a machine , it is labour intensive,   these are not banged out by the thousands by a machine... that reflects in the price


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Helmet  Cam !

        Cellphone   Holder for Motorcycle


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    Over all view of Motorcycle Communications    ( This is a good general overview  worth reading )

Most of these configurations can be mixed and matched to provide a multifunction system . How ever things can get untidy if you do have too many units plugged together , Please note that this system is a simple sound mixing system ,there is no electronic voting as to which item ( eg cell phone ) has priority,  personally I would recommend you don't go over two services mixed ie bike to bike and cellphone or bike to bike and music/radar detector however if you do want the multi function  comms systems . read about  ! Motocomm or the Wireless PTT Intercom  !    

I've given up on the motortalkie,  the first model was excellent!  I had them modify it to NZ/Australian conditions and it was a blast ! MK  two version was an utter cock up and Ive wasted too much time on the manufacturer  they wont listen and implement recommended mods  so ther'e on their own !! Im not going to sell anything that wont perform !! however we have a nice little wired rider pillion unit at $270  ( wireless PTT unit)   that does all the motortalkie did and more ! 

Why pay a huge price for that mid European stuff  when this unit will give it a real run for its money and its supplied with all the bits you will ever need , no need to purchase expensive  optional cables as well !!
Radio systems 

What Radio do I use ?

Notes on powering Radios:      The use of battery eliminators with UHF CB hand held radios

Notes on Headsets:  (for configurations of plugs and connections  of UHF CB hand helds )

Notes on VOX  ( voice controlled transmit) hows, when, and why not too!

Mounting radio on cross bar 


Boosting the radio range up.............. 2 to 3 times !!


Potential problems         my system wont work !!

Headset   PIN OUT     C


Nolan Helmet  N102  connections !! 


We can now supply the option of a       Boom mic      for  open face 



Our New "K" Series  Headsets have unique single cable design with only  one  cable coming out of the left or right ear-speaker , unlike some other brands which appear to have wires going everywhere.
Who wants to fight with three wires going to three different parts of a helmet  and then try and put the damn thing on and not be strangled!  
The very thin earspeakers with Velcro hook backing, enable easy and quick installation  adjustment and removal and can be swapped from helmet to helmet in under a minute! 
There is no need to modify the helmet, drill holes, cut lining etc  to fit our Headsets! 
The single water resistant 6 pin molded  minidin plug, coming from the helmet,  is at the end of a reasonable length of cable , you can see our  plug when you have to connect it to the curly cord going to the radio, no requirement to fumble around blindly to plug our headset in! Just line up the two arrows on the plug visually and "hey presto" connected! 
The  robust construction of cables in the headset are of a coaxial nature and much more resilient to damage , from wind, vibration and general strain and stresses of daily use .
Our headset use integral optional ( at no extra cost ) 
ear-cushions   for extra comfort, and added acoustic isolation to reduce external road and wind noise , this means less fatigue on long rides ,you enjoy riding more , you need much lower volume settings on your radio / sound equipment, resulting in less potential damage to delicate hearing from high levels of continuous noise!
 However ear-cushions may be a tight squeeze with a tight fitting helmet .  In this case we can supply ear speakers without .  ( you will loose the acoustic isolation they provide .)
Our microphones are designed and have been electronically tailored to cope with the high ambient noise level within a motorcycle helmet at motorway speeds, and remain intelligible.  Often our microphones will work way past the speed that the received sound in the ear-speakers becomes difficult to hear due to helmet wind noise!
There may be better headset units on the market, !          their performance will not be  much ahead of ours but  .......I'll  bet you their  price will be !  

"What do I get ?     and what does it look like ???     "

"Do you already have Walkie Talkies ?..               ..Is your radio one of these ? 

Click here to see some of the Radios we can connect headsets with .....  but there are heaps more than this!"     (  Contains mainly pictures !)

We can now supply the option of a   
    Boom mic      for  open face 


Warranty:  There is a 6 month, return to base warranty on our products  and we are very happy to honor this. The warranty  does not cover any misuse, neglect, signs of physical damage etc but covers things like faulty connections in plugs, ptt switch failures etc  ie You look after the product and we will look after you" There will be a charge of $6.00 Australian or New Zealand  for return air postage , please include a courier bag or form of payment with the returned goods and  a note describing the fault and an accurate return name and address with phone number . We are getting a few non returned faulty components  situations where people have rung for warranty claims , we have sent them out the replacement part but they have not returned the faulty component. We require those faulty pieces as they are returned to the factory for OUR manufacturers warranty claim


 **From now on all warranty claims will require receipt of the faulty component at our address BEFORE the replacement is issued.  So the quicker you return it ,the quicker the replacement will be issued. **  

Headsets and What   comes with them???             click here to find out 


If you don't see your radio among our pictures, and you don't have any information on the ext earphone -mic connections , Post the radio (just one) to us and well make sure you get the right headset for your radio we are only 5-7 days away by airmail , we will send it back airpost in the same packet as the headset !!

Apologies to our Australian / Overseas riders as we just do not have the great selection of hand held 40ch UHF radios that you have in Australia. If you don't see your own brand/model of CB in this website, it doesn't mean we don't have a headset to fit it , there is a very good chance we do probably have one !!

Use of Earplugs :
We do not guarantee that our systems will work well when the rider is wearing earplugs , the problem is that you have to turn the volume of the radio up very loud to punch through the earplug attenuation , this can lead to gross distortion of sound from the low audio powered radio and distortion from the overloaded small earspeakers ( and either could be damaged outside the scope of the warranty)  however it can improve   communication performance if the speakers can handle the loud volume without distortion . The received sound is now louder than the helmet wind noise ,, This is where the ear-cushions are great ( if you can fit them in ) they knock back the external noise and enhance the sound from the radio ( you have turn the volume down! )  I have no objection to someone using earplugs and if you find it works with this  radio system  then that is even better for your auditory wellbeing .  

Use of the MP3/radar detector cable with most units drops one speaker off the shared device  so the music can stay in stereo ( both speakers)

The style of earphone that fits firmly into the ear canal   ( Knowles  Earphones) is also a very good unit to use .they can be acoustic tube or have the sound transducer at the ear itself. ( plugs for Lugs)

 They have excellent acoustic isolation and good clarity  , The only reason we have steered away from them is purely from a hygiene perspective and added complexity when putting on your helmet.  This is a user  decision based on additional cost and complexity


You will note that on some of our products have the Discontinued label next to them , however  there are still a lot of these radios about and if you have one we are happy to tell you how it can be pushed into useful  service so we have left the information there !! 

SUN in your eyes?        does your visor fog up as well ?    Peter has the answer !     Look at these  inexpensive but nifty solutions  !

Useful Motorcycle Links : 
Links to other sites and clubs are usually quite interesting to read, I could spend hours ! It is worthwhile to look at these sites to get an idea of how other people  enjoy our recreational past time.  You may even learn something technical , discover new riding tips  and pick up some great new ideas for your own club or riding friends .      

We offer a money back ( less postage ) guarantee with all our products ( unless stipulated ,like batteries) , if faulty then we will replace it or refund .BUT all goods must be returned in a saleable condition ( boxes, packaging ,radio unblemished , etc so it can be resold .). and you have 7 days from receipt of the goods to decide whether the equipment will do what you want i.e. potential, compatibility issues , range issues etc Don't expect us to refund you after 2 months of use and the equipment looks like its well used and dirty ...... its yours buddy !! 

Now you can go back and click on hyperlinks !                


Two Wheels Social and touring club           want fun rides ?  then look here and see where these folk go !                                  
The open road Motorcycle touring club of west Australia "always someone to ride with"
Bikers Engine .com   great search engine for two wheels  stuff                                              
APEX WEB SITE     check out this cool South African site , and see what they get up to!            
Bike Rider Magazine     well worth reading and  has interest for every style of NZ rider too! 





Problems : I cant hear the other rider at hi speed > 
The way to check this problem out to see if it is the radio helmet microphone picking up too much wind noise, or it is your potentially noisy helmet, is to get your riding buddy to do a speed test on the bike and either you follow them in the car  using your walkie talkie  or you stand on the side of the road and talk to them. The "following " car gives a more true  test result as it minimizes the mobile flutter that you can get between a stationery radio and a mobile unit, whose communication distance is varying rapidly. You, listening in the car or at the side of the road, eliminates the helmet wind noise and if you can hear the rider clearly then the problem is wind noise in your/their  helmet ( nearly all the time we have found this is the cause of the communication problem) However if the incorrect microphone has ended up in the headset and the rider on the bikes' speech  is ok at low speed but unintelligible at high speed, then it is the mobile  Microphone  causing the wind noise!  Send it back to be replaced or your money refunded !! Helmet noise is such a huge variable. Some are much quieter than others  ( sorry I cant suggest any on this website)  however there are manufacturers that do publish the "operating" noise levels  at a certain speeds  , The Level is given in dbA   and the lower the number the quieter the helmet is. Note an increase or fall of 10 dBA is approximately  an actual noise level change of 10 times !!! 20dBA is 100 times ,  the human ear can hear sound from a pin drop (20-30 dBA) to a jet engine at full throttle (120 dbA, pain threshold)  That is an enormous change of sound level ( thousands of  millions of times different) so to make the change of  level figures humanly  manageable it is described logarithmically !

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