Motorcycle radio battery eliminators 

Fed up with your batteries always going flat ? sick of having to recharge the radio ? Well what about running the radio off the motorcycle battery.  Battery eliminators can be fitted to just about all radios ,and intercoms, this is providing you don't mind having the radio dedicated to use only on the bike . Most radios operate on 4.5 ,6.0 or if a high power radio 7.2 volts and are negative earth and  will require some form of voltage controlling electronics to drop the motorcycle 13.8 Volts down to the operating voltage of the radio . 
If you are going to use a battery eliminator ,then make sure it has enough current rating to operate your radio on transmit, also sufficient heat sinking to shed the excess power . Most eliminators not all though ,  use a 3 terminal fixed voltage regulator .They are usually good for about 1.5 Amps  which is probably enough for just about any handheld on transmit ,  These regulators  are some what self protecting and will shut down if they get too hot ,and  your radio stops halfway through your contact ! make sure there is plenty of heat sink on the regulating device and where ever you mount it , it has plenty of air cooling so as to dissipate the excess heat .

 Dick Smith electronics do sell a kit form of a suitable  voltage regulator . cat No. K3594  or K3592

Jaycar Electronics (NZ)    sell a selectable voltage dropping kit    CAT.NO.KA1797

  If you don't want to solder to the radios battery connections,  you can make up dummy batteries (AA  or AAA )out of wooden dowel  and use thumbtacks at the end to make the electrical connections .

The Digitalk SP2302AA    is a 3 W radio  that has an  optional 12 V connection cable and it will operate while connected to this charging cable !! 



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