Headset  Connections

Here are the connections for the headsets  sold on this website  in case you want to mix and  match or maybe make an extension cord

                                 K Series Headset                                                     T Series Headset   

                 This is the connections looking up the pins  (with them pointing  out at you )



                            MOTOR TALKIE Headset  Pinout ( Female socket   top.....  Male Plug   lower )

                            Blue  Ant Headset    8 ohms speaker           electret  mic 850-1200 ohms 

A PS2 KEYBOARD  extension cable can be pressed into a headset extension cable , All you have to do is carefully grind off the excess plastic of the male plug using a workshop bench grinder , look at the socket and the  PS2 plug  carefully before modifying it , when grinding off the plastic , rotate the plug in the opposite direction to the grinding wheel ! 


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