Vox sounds a great way to go!  Just talk and the radios goes to transmit, stop talking and the radio goes back to receive.  Sounds cool.........  until you try it on a motorcycle!   The problem is the concept  has constraints  that are at loggerheads, when used in the Motorcycling situation. For a good fast attack vox ( like the Uniden range of radios have, ) you need a good sensitive microphone  to catch the first speech  syllable and trigger the transmitter to switch on.  HOWEVER on a motorcycle we do not want a sensitive microphone or we will be picking up every noise around the bike ie engine noise and wind noise ! There in lies the problem juggling vox sensitivity against microphone sensitivity . It can be a real trap ,  dont go there  , stick to PTT on the handlebar !

 Some of these radio/headset systems ( eg digitalker , digitor ,Uniden 041, 042,043.044,047 ,060 systems)  can also be run with vox,( not using PTT) To enable this,   you must short out the PTT via an off on  switch accross the PTT wires or optional shorting plug to replace the PTT button,  however PHS Ltd no way guarantees that it will be as  successful in operation as the "Manual PTT system" , VOX operation ( with no PTT involvement) is at your own "risk" ( but it can be done quite successfully ,if you are somewhat  technical , understand and accept the constraints) 
Because  our  microphones are somewhat less sensitive you will have to talk more loudly to trigger the VOX circuitry in the radio  experiment  with voice "loudness" to get it right.  I've run Vox  on my Norton 850 Commando  successfully and no one detected I was using Vox with a Uniden 042! ,  I can give you advice on it, but as above, I make no guarantees

NOTE:         Some radios however MUST be run in VOX mode but controlled by pressing the PTT  eg uniden '041P ,TE1172WT ,D1793   this is not the most satisfactory way BUT THE ONLY WAY you can use them with a motorcycle headset , the Uniden 041P has a fast attack vox so it performs quite well  however the "on special $98  a pair" DSE transceiver D1793,    and  warehouse TE1172WT   Vox , has a slow response of up to 0.5 sec before it goes to transmit ..(a crap response )..  but you do get used to it. you get what you pay  for.!

You can wire  the external PTT  across the internal PTT micro-switch and then put an extra earphone socket in the radio!
We   did sell modified D1793 transceivers with an extra 3.5mm PTT socket in the back ( wired across the internal PTT  micro-switch )  now they are a more usable device !! see the
Specials page           if you have some of these  radios Im happy to tell you how to modify the radio to enable this 

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