Testimonials:  ( emails from satisfied customers)     

Thanks for the headset Mike,  

I must say that I was very surprised at the quality of the gearÖ. WAY better than I expected  


Matthew Dooher     Dunedin NZ

We find the radio's very useful, especially for warning of lose metal, road work's, cop cars, sheep, goat, horses, cows, logs, wash out, trees, possums, dead or alive,  They worked well in the gorge at a good range, the flash switch work's really well, and is really well placed on the left hand side.        Will keep you posted.

Richard & Maria.   Gisbourne  N.Z.

 Bloody great thanks. I was just saying to Brooke that I needed to send 
you an email to let you know. We're both really impressed. We both 
thought we were going to get sore ears since we were wearing our 
helmets for 2 hours and the ear pads were pretty much against our 
ears. But didn't hurt at all. In fact they were really nice and cushy. 
Everything else hurt instead!

Really impressed. So much so, we've told one of our mates to get a set 
when he gets back from overseas.

Thanks for the real fast delivery too. Really appreciate it. Using 
them for the first time on a 2 hour ride really proved how good they 
were. To be honest both Brooke and I didn't expect them to be such 
high quality when we opened the box!

Thanks mate.

Cameron   sept 08 

The Headsets work great, even at 100kph plus. You don't realise how much you
need to talk until you actually can. I found that velcroing the radio to my
tank and sticking the button on my index finger works without compromise and
you can easily get on and off your bike hassle free. These radios are definitely
worthwhile having and you couldn't find a better headset anywhere else.Ē

Adam Foster, Wellington NZ  

After getting the headsets and having done our first trip, we tried some trips around town without them and felt a bit out of touch. They were a real advantage while we were travelling, just to say hi, change our plans on where to go, decide on coffee and petrol stops and we also found them useful to talk about road conditions. All this without having to catch up or stop or prearrange stopping points.
 Just tucked in our pockets we were getting several hundred metres of reception and never missed contacting each other. We wouldn't consider doing a trip without them now as they make travelling in a pair so simple.


 Cheers   Noel  Petrie,   Auckland ,  NZ

HI Mike,

Yep they turned up in time for the club ride I did on the weekend. Very impressive mate, they worked a treat with very little modification required to either helmet I fitted them to.
We did a three day ride with the Canberra Ducati Club down to the Victorian Alps via the Snowy Mountains, about six hundred km on Friday, gentle roll around the Ovens valley on Saturday then a return of about another 600km yesterday. We tried them out as rider/pillion intercom and bike to bike and they were excellent. The other systems I've used have been useless over about 90kmh but we were happily chatting away at 120 without too much trouble.                                       David Morgan      Australia



I was recommended to you by friends of ours who have been very happy
with your products.
I am after 2x 'k series' headsets to suit Uniden UH 044.
Is it possible to use paypal to transfer funds for these units? I could
not find an order form on your website.  Otherwise, what is your
preferred form of payment?
Damien   ( Australia) 


Hi Mike
Just a quick one to thank you for two fantastic head units for the UHF 050xr, They are crystal clear and very loud. I am very impressed that I was able to buy a first class set up for such a low  price .Once again thank you very much and I would be recommending them to everyone that is chasing a set up like this .
Many thanks
Darryl Heck
Australia .


Hi Mike, Hey I received the headsets and have installed them into our helmets(AXO carbon fiber Full face). They fit real sweet in these helmets, as they tuck  behind some of the padding. You would never know they were their, just the way I like it. We tested them out on the weekend and they work great!...
I'm just in the process of making mounts out of universal mobile phone holder & magnet for Laura's CBR 600. The same holder but velcro one wrap for my Aprilia. But I'll get back to you on that one. Thanks again on supplying a product that works to a great! standard, i will tell any one who asks were I got them and send them your way. If you do come out with other products that you think might interest me send me a E-mail. Look forward on doing future business with you.  keep riding....     
                                                            Karl...   Australia

The headsets work terrific at all speeds up to 145kph and had a  range about 3.5 kms out on the flat...  and I was on a LOUD Harley at the time.
                                                      Gary Palmer.      Australia

Hi Mike,

Headsets are great  these ones actually work too !  they are well worth the
money and are comfortable to use.

I now have one happy boyfriend, thanks so much for getting them here so
quickly he really liked his Birthday present.

The reason we wanted the headsets is because when we go on rides with just
the two of us I tend to lag behind him quite a long way (I've only had my
license for six months) so he was always stopping on the side of the road
to make sure I was ok.

Now we can actually manage a trip without him having to stop to wait or
check up on me cause we are in constant contact,  even when he is out of
sight  the range is just great,   The whole system is just what we need to
make our riding far more enjoyable for both of us.

thanks again and have a great day

from some  very happy customers !!!

Belinda Kirby & Murray Robertson

Sent: Sunday, June 18, 2006 9:43 PM
Subject: Bike to Bike Radio
Hi Mike
 A little over ten months ago I purchased a bike to bike radio kit off you, at the time I had never had a UHF on a bike and was just looking to try out the benefits of a UHF. well ten months down the track I could not be happier with the way the unit has performed. not has not only made riding a lot safer, it has removed the need to stop on the side of the road and wait for others or to discuss plans. this now can be done with ease. I also have had the chance to test your unit with some other leading brands & found it to perform as well, in fact the output from this unit was clearer & if not better than both Star Comm & Auto Comm units, that are worth three times as much. even the owners of the other units would agree this unit gives amazing results. my words of advice to anyone looking to buy a Bike to Bike unit. The PHS system is simple easy to work and gives outstanding results for less than half the price.  
Many Thanks 

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your email.
 Had a great trip. Did over 5300klms and the headsets worked fine the whole way.
 My husband made up a bracket near the throttle on his 900 Diversion and I simply clipped the unit to my clutch cable (TRX 850) where it remained in place with no problems. Fiddled with the ptt buttons until we got them in a position close to the indicator switch.
 The headsets fitted beautifully in to our helmets with no discomfort whatsoever and clear as a bell until we got to high speeds.
 Found the setup excellent for communicating on coming in to new towns and on pointing out sites worth looking at. Also find it handy to have the handsets in the car when not on the bikes and just enjoy the flexibility with not hard wiring them.
 The other riders in our group were having trouble with their old CB's and are considering your setup instead which will be great when we can all communicate on a ride.
All in all, a great setup and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking in to bike communications.

Thanks again for your prompt and friendly service.
  Regards, Lynne     Kempsey NSW 
I finally got the chance to test out the headsets. I'm very happy with them.
All transmissions were clear and readable up to 150km/h. If anyone asks me
about them, I'll be telling them to contact you. Thanks. Matt,   Sydney ,    Australia

Hi Mike ,     You beat us to it we were just going to email you the radios are fantastic it was great that they
 work as rider to pillion as well as bike to bike they are very clear we are very happy with them we have 
given another person your details and they will be after radios as well as headsets you will probably hear
 from them in a couple of weeks .
We will tell all the members at the Ulysses Club on Sunday about them and let them all know about you .

 Ch eers Tony.       

Mount Gambier 5290

South Australia

Hi Mike,
well we have had the greatest fun ever on a ride , thanks to your Bike to Bike com cant wait to receive the mp3 cables,
the guys in our Ulysses club Redlands could not believe how simple and easy to use and priced so competive  absolute BOTTLER!!! cheers .
one of the guys is interested in selling agent for them here in Aus, he runs a motorcycle hire covers Aust  East coast i will pass on your business card and he will get in touch
regards Carey & Rhonda

In July I purchased a Rider/Pillion intercom from P.H.S in Rotorua. I had checked out all options available that I could before I made my purchase and had also been able to borrow and trial some systems none of which I was happy with because of background wind noise. I had originally wanted a vox system but Mike assured me that I would be more than pleased with the P.H.S non vox system. I decided to give it a try and ordered it direct from P.H.S, the service was first rate and the unit was delivered the day after I ordered it. I installed it into a pair of HJC helmets in about 30 minutes with no modification to the helmets being required and then out the door for a test ride on what was a very windy night. At speeds up to 120kph we could talk at a normal level and hear each other with no problems, at 140kph we had to slightly raise our voice level but it was still easy to hear each other. At no stage up to 140kph did we have any irritating background wind noise coming through the system. The weather hasnít been great for riding lately so I canít comment on battery life at this stage but I can say that at $117 the P.H.S system seems to be great value for money to me.

Satisfied Riders

Bruce & Jackie Hickey


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