Boom Mic with Dual Ear-Speakers

We are now able to supply "K" series wholly compatible boom mic headsets for those who ride with Bugs in their teeth (open face helmets ).The ear speakers are held in the lining with the Velcro backing as the closed face helmets headset is. To attach the boom mic to the helmet we use a large disk of sticky Velcro wool , This means you don't have to do any modifications to attach anything and thus  invalidate the safety certification. The boom mic is relatively innocuous and pliable   and such that if you had an accident , I suspect the facial  damage from its presence may be minimal ( compared to handle bar or road surface...  but we want no talk of that !)  this  sticky disk is placed on the side of the helmet ,when the best position of the microphone is found ,peel off the sticky backing and press onto the helmet  , please take some time to get the best position ( left or right side ) correct as you normally only get one go with the  sticky back Velcro disc.  the connection cable minidin is interchangeable on any "K" series headset. 


boom  mic headset                                             boom mic in position

The boom mic sticks remarkably well and requires some force to peel it off. There is no way it is going to come  apart from the velcro disc  when riding  . The pliable boom is easily bent to put the microphone right in front of the mouth almost touching the lips is about right as you want your voice to be a lot stronger than wind noise .

Price: (headset ) $120.00 each,  inc GST and postage   with "thin ear speakers "  (optional ear cushions) headset, cables and external PTT Button    BUT tell us what radio you will use !!

6 month warranty on parts and labour,  postage at customers expense , misuse, visual neglect and  damage negates warranty.          ie our usual policy applies

                                             "You look after it and we will look after You! "

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