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 MI-20  MI-40    ( NON-VOX )    no stock

This is a simple mono ( not stereo) wired two way system that runs all the time it is switched on . Each headset , one for rider and one for pillion , has twin earpieces and a mic that velcro inside a full face helmet         We are developing a boom mic that sticks to a velcro square adhering to the outside of the helmet, (we now have the  boom mic option available !! ) Although this is non vox intercom , it doesn't have the absolute quiet and operational sophistication of VOX operated units ,( MI-40 is quiet when not in use ) However  it  has low residual noise pickup and is a very good economical alternative. We have the circuit diagram for this unit  and also have  some very happy customers who sing its praises ! 

Intercom,  Rider- pillion

This is a simple and  inexpensive unit that consists of two headsets both each with two flat thin (less than 8 mm) earspeakers and a small microphone that Velcro into the inside of the users full face helmet (it can not be fitted to an open face helmet as there would be no where to place the microphone) . The intercom requires no modifications to helmet, bike ( or riders) . There is ample length of curly cable  to run between the rider and pillion . The  small and light common amplifier unit is powered by 4 AAA cells ( use alkaline) draws 5 mA with no speaking  rising up to 70 mA on voice so the batteries should last for  many  many hours with  non stop use, and much longer with intermittent use as there is time for the chemistry in the battery to "bounce back" somewhat. People who have purchased this unit have told me they have had 7 days  of use and with it switched on and that includes about 4- 5 hrs of riding per  day , the amplifier would easily fit into an empty cigarette packet . There is a combination On-off Volume control on the top where the two right angle 3.5 mm stereo plugs connect. The whole system takes about 1 minute to install and to have rider to pillion communications. The unit will "squeal" if only one headset is plugged in and it is turned on ,when the second headset is plugged in this doesn't occur, this is normal and not a fault. To get the best "at speed" performance , make sure the earspeakers are correctly positioned over the ears ,move them around over the ears until they are in the "loudest" position .The intercom has low back ground noise due to the noise reducing  microphone system and there is ample volume to be heard comfortably at up to 140 Kph.

 The  MI-40 has a Push to Talk button for each headset , this means you do not hear anything through the earspeakers  unless you push the button to speak to the other  party  , hence no added low level  road, wind  or engine noise .  The PTT button can be velcroed onto the riders   left handle bar  and the  pillion can hold theirs in their hand 

Use of the MP3/radar detector cable with this unit drops one speaker off the intercom so the music can stay in stereo ( both speakers)

MI-20  Price:  $135  inc gst   (free postage  Any where)        ( sorry out of stock

  MI-40  price  $145     inc gst   (free postage  Any where)     ( sorry out of stock

                                MI-40   the same as MI-20 but has PTT buttons for absolute  quiet  while not  talking 





Hi folks  Thought we’d drop a line and give you some feed back on our new el-cheapo ($117) intercom unit.  In general, we are very happy with it.  Not having ever used any other such device, it is very pleasant to now be able to talk to each other.  For the price, we think it is very good value for money. 
    Our machine is a 1998 GSXR600 with a Kerker (Supertrap USA) racing can fitted.  In other words it’s quite loud, probably not street legal.  We initially had a few problems getting the speakers comfortable in our skid lids which are HJC Streetfighter and  Cirrus V2.  But after some trial and error and red ears, we seem to have got it all more comfortable.  Our limit on the bike is usually about 1 hour anyway before bums become numb or legs cramped, both being in our 40s.  We did lose the foam cover for one mike by accident but didn’t lose it and we’re able to glue it back on without any problem.  Communication seem fine for speeds up to 140 kph, after that wind noise was excessive. 
    Generally we are very happy especially considering the cheap price.  A small modification we have done was to use a white out pen (ball point type tip) to mark ON and OFF on the unit and also a small line on the dial for volume.  This had saved our ears!  Very easy to do and makes a big difference.  Also we have found it best to have both cables plugged in to the unit prior to switching on as very loud screeching noises occur otherwise.  For our bike, when riding very hard, high engine revs, the unit amplifies the sound too much but at touring speeds is perfect with volume set at the minimum.  If we had a quieter exhaust this would not be an issue. 
We recently did a weekend trip from Auckland to Taupo / Waioru / National Park / Turangi / Taupo / Auckland, using all the back roads between Auckland and Taupo and we’re very happy with our purchase.  Thanks very much for a good value for money purchase. 
Cheers    Dave and Liz  Auckland,


In July I purchased a Rider/Pillion intercom from P.H.S in Rotorua. I had checked out all options available that I could before I made my purchase and had also been able to borrow and trial some systems none of which I was happy with because of background wind noise. I had originally wanted a vox system but Mike assured me that I would be more than pleased with the P.H.S non vox system. I decided to give it a try and ordered it direct from P.H.S, the service was first rate and the unit was delivered the day after I ordered it. I installed it into a pair of HJC helmets in about 30 minutes with no modification to the helmets being required and then out the door for a test ride on what was a very windy night. At speeds up to 120kph we could talk at a normal level and hear each other with no problems, at 140kph we had to slightly raise our voice level but it was still easy to hear each other. At no stage up to 140kph did we have any irritating background wind noise coming through the system. The weather hasn’t been great for riding lately so I can’t comment on battery life at this stage but I can say that at $117 the P.H.S system seems to be great value for money to me.
Satisfied Riders

Bruce & Jackie Hickey

  ( Napier)

Hi Mike,
Hope you have a very happy Christmas and New Year.
We have ironed out all the teething problems with the motorcycle intercom and it's great. The reason Richard had so much trouble was he needed a new crash helmet. The old one was so worn inside the ear pieces wouldn't stick in, problem solved. He now has a new helmet, the ear pieces are in place and they stay in.We went for a 320k run yesterday and he was thrilled to bits no problems the intercom was perfect even cruising at 100kph we couldn't believe the clarity.
Thank you for all your help.
Margaret  ,  Chidlow    WA ( Australia)

Actually I used it for the first time at Easter.  It works great.  I get a
bit of wind through my helmet around 100k so my pillion can't hear so well,
but all I have to do is duck my head a few inches to below my windscreen and
she can hear perfectly again.  If I get a chin guard it would fix it
Also I hear from my pillions mic the low exhaust notes coming from the back
of the bike.  It doesn't drown out her voice, it more enhances the exhaust
note, which is rather pleasing as my bike is a V-twin.

All up I am very happy with it and in my opinion it out preforms one that we
had previously borrowed from a friend that costs double that of your unit.
Your ear pieces are more comfortable and sound more like a headset rather
than speakers sitting beside your ears, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your interest.


Hi Mike

Well the intercom has been great, we have used it for the last two trips to rallies and to start with it was a bit of a novelty that we could talk to each other, though it is also good for those who are not "big" talkers as it is quiet and comfortable enough to not even notice it's there. ( you can even still hum or sing to yourself quietly without disturbing the person in front !)
I have been wearing ear plugs (and so has the rider) and a balaclava and we can still hear clearly.  Sometimes I may have to speak up a bit at 100km (or a little over) as the wind noise for him in front is probably worse than for me (either that or he is deaf!).
I have also had it on without earplugs at full volume and it certainly is loud !!
The last rally we went to was a Road Trial where you get instructions and question etc to tell you how to get where the site is.  The new intercom made this so much more enjoyable for us as the instructions on the tank bag could be read to me and I could join in the fun of knowing what was next, where we were going (when we were lost) and what we had to look out for, and also I could let him know when he had overshot a street or two!! I think without the intercom it would have been rather boring.
I have been recommending the intercom and I know your website off by heart to tell everyone to have a look, I am almost certain that friends of ours will be dropping you a line soon to get one like ours (they have the box ours came in for numbers etc to ring) They like myself had been looking for something nice and simple and well priced but (as like me) didn't know where to start looking.
Also I am secretary of an organisation here in Dunedin and after talking to the editor of our little monthly Mag about how great it has been to have we both agreed that it would be a good idea to put an add in our mag for your website so people can see all the motorcycle communications and things you offer. (I will send you a mag when it comes out)
Once again Thanks for everything, I know that an intercom isn't for everyone (I have herd rumours that people like bikes because they can't communicate with the Pillion!!) but for us it was just the thing we where looking for.  I am now looking forward to our trip from back from Auckland more than I was before because now I know I won't be spending a week sitting in Silence !!


Hi Mike,
Thanks for your help in getting the MI 20 rider pillion set. I used them yesterday for the first time. We were initially impressed at the sound quality and ease of use , but as the speed and wind increased we couldn't hear a thing. We wear hinged full face helmets.
When we stopped I changed the mounting of the speakers. I had initially installed them between the helmet shell and the padding to give it a more permanent unobtrusive feel. Now I velcro'd them directly to the liners. WOW what a difference, especially with a bit of fine tuning to get them right by the ears. Previously we couldn't hear with the volume set to the max, now it was crisp and clear set at "0" or just on. Very nice. It has added tremendously to our riding pleasure. Now if I can just get my girlfriend to quit trying to "help" by leaning the wrong way on turns and shifting her whole body when she looks around. But she's getting better.
Thanks again,
John               From USA, Nashville Tennessee

  MI-30  (non vox)   UHF Radio - Pillion Interface Unit               

This motorcycle to motorcycle communications concept  has been developed over the past year and   has gone through many experimental and  developmental stages to arrive at the final successful  configuration.   It does now  have the optional rider-pillion  intercom function   the  MI-30 Kit,  wont interface with our WT419............  Bummer !

  Also take a look at the new inexpensive CUSTOM based radio system as an optional wireless rider- pillion intercom)

Rally car / hill climb Intercom:
This is an extension of the motorcycle rider to pillion headset . It has ample volume for car rallying and the added bonus that the TWO WAY RADIO HEADSET (see below)  will also plug into the small amplifier unit. These can then be used as touring headsets  . The headsets system has quick connect minidin plugs with a positive feel and  they do not fall out!   see NON VOX  above  These units have been successfully developed for use  by cars competing in the Targa rally 

1. VOX-     Maxon 49-HX    no longer available BUT

(I have left this information in for those who are lucky enough to have one or can still purchase one elsewhere )

The units  best feature is it has an optional pillion passenger headset. It is excellent value for money and has performance features you'd normally pay big money for .   It is a Vox (automatic) or PTT (manual) operated unit whose dismantled  headset is able to be placed into  a full face motorcycle helmet without modifying the helmet in any way or affecting its safety rating.   In the two way radio mode, it is able to communicate with another unit on the same channel up to about 400m away in open country.( overseas customers only)


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