Notes on
radio Headsets connection :

There are basically eight types of wiring harness for the headsets available ,they are determined by the type of plug wiring required for the radio transceiver.

A.    2.5mm stereo plug with the sleeve earth, ring  microphone and tip speaker. (Uniden UH041,/ 043/047 Uniden 060! and digitor T584   ,  Motorola talkabout T5720)

B.     2.5mm stereo plug with the sleeve earth, ring  speaker, and tip microphone . DSE 1793 , Custom prs 1600 ( requires external PTT modification to radio )  TE1172WT  (warehouse!)

C.     2.5mm mono plug sleeve earth tip mic , positive 3.5mm plug  speaker@ 10 mm spacing ( PMR500,   Icom, UHF GME 3600  ) 

D,     2.5mm mono plug sleeve  mic positive, tip earth  3.5mm plug  speaker@ 10 mm spacing(Uniden 040  /  042  /   044)  note mic plug is connected in reverse!!

E.     2.5mm stereo plug sleeve earth, ring ptt, tip mic, positive, 3.5mm plug spkr  (digitalker sp3380D)

F.  2.5mm stereo plug with the sleeve earth, ring  speaker, and tip microphone 3.5 mm mono   plug is PTT switch  (WT-419) (spectra CS800) 

G.   3.5mm  stereo plug with sleeve earth, ring microphone  and tip  speaker   ( Nady MRC-11) ..PTT separate external       button of   3.5mm stereo plug with  tip battery charging , ring PTT ,  sleeve earth 

 H    2.5mm mono plug, sleeve  mic positive, tip earth  3.5mm plug  speaker @ 10 mm spacing (Uniden 053  sundowner

  J  The new Digitalker radio from Jaycar model ..DC1030 and DC1040  SP103 and SP808 Have a single 3.5mm stereo plug ! tip is mic,  ring spkr, needs a 2.5mm stereo  to 3.5mm stereo adapter to use our 2.5mm headsets    (as of 23/11/05 we have headsets for the radios !!)   we can make one for you if you cant get one ! adapter price $10.00 plus gst 

The headsets  we provide have the electret mic in series with the PTT switch, except for those below:

.  The HOFFER 505 , Digitech DC1010  and  digitalker SP3380D, as this is the same requirement i.e. wiring configuration for the little yellow Kenwood CB , If we make an adapter plug and socket, we can use the digitalker boom mic headset ("T" SERIES) with the Kenwood set (as there is an extra wire in the harness for the PTT as a separate connection. ) 

2. 2.5mm stereo plug with the sleeve earth, ring  speaker, and tip microphone ,This is the configuration for  most CELL PHONES using our supplied adapters and the Custom prs1600  (with the external PTT mod )

The only other common radio  around is the 5W Uniden "053" Sundowner , It has  the same 2.5mm mic 3.5mm spkr @ 10mm spacing , as the other Unidens ,   but the PTT wires differently again !  The electret mic is  in series with the  PTT, but earths through the sleeve  of the speaker socket !!(not the sleeve of the mic socket) . We can do a custom wired plug to suite this radio .

We have also  a less expensive Non Vox  rider to pillion system  (see above ) however  it does not have vox (ear speakers remain dead quiet until someone talks!)  like the Maxon HX-49.  

  We have  developed a cell phone headset for use on the motorcycle, The problem is the average cell phone doesn't have enough audio "grunt" to be heard using our standard thin headsets over 45-50 Kph  (because of external wind and helmet noise). But we have improved our headset design such that the last test I did on the Noisy Norton 850, 100 Kph was no problem at all  in both hearing and talking. This new improved headset design  is much more noise reducing  and knocks the background / external wind noise by up to 10-15 dBA thus helping to preserve your aging hearing and also reduce rider fatigue. 
It could be a fit problem if your helmet is  very tight . The ear-cushions can be removed and the felt covers glued back on in place of, however you will loose the extra acoustic isolation they provide and you may not be able to hear your cell-phone at motorway speeds! 
The cell phone headsets are terminated in a 2.5mm right angled stereo plug , (see above) we  carry a range of inexpensive cell phone headset adapters to suit the many models of cell phone .

Nolan Internal Headsets    I have been fortunate enough to   examine the headset unit that clips into the new helmets they make.  it has two female sockets which hang out of the helmet , one a 3.5mm type  described as the Audio IN , I see a cellphone can be connected to this  socket there fore it must have a connection to the integral boom mike  and the twin speakers .   The configuration is  tip,ring,,ring , sleeve   which we have the corresponding male plugs for and a second a 2.5mm female socket Audio Out , which is also tip,ring,,ring sleeve     we can interface to a nolan headset system using the 3.5mm receptacle. 

 Apple Ipod ,   Iphone    etc      Plug  pin out



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