Nolan Helmet    N102 insert  connections /wiring 

Nolan produce a very nice "in helmet" headset system with earspeakers and a boom microphone called the N102 , This cleverly engineered system is made as user flexible as possible   with many options  ie MP3/radio reception , Rider to pillion intercom . bluetooth interface etc . by inserting a small PC board into a small socket in the helmet

There are a lot of people who have asked if our system can be interfaced to the Nolan system?  our answer is " yes"  with a small custom constructed  adapter cable . The Nolan system uses a 3 connector 3.5mm plug and socket system , Dick Smith and Jaycar electronics sell these 3 section plugs in 3.5 mm size. There is also a 2.5mm  "3 section" plug and socket but it is not used in our system as it only connects to the earspeakers/power and   not the microphone
I was fortunate enough to be lent a Nolan Headset  Unit to examine and I passed the Multimeter over it with glee  , below is the results of the examination  . The Nolan unit I had appeared to have both earspeakers in parallel not individually  so stereo music does not appear to be an option , this seems an oversight for something made by clever Italians ,The unit uses 32 ohm speakers and I only ever found a 16 Ohm resistance which seems to indicate parallel connection perhaps I am wrong , however I digress.  Visual examination of the flexible PC connection track also indicated this . the boom  Microphone has a 1k approx resistance and appears to be an electret unit .

I have found the interconnections of the small PC  blank that is inserted and have documented it below . A lot of it is self expainatory  just be carefull soldering up the  3.5 mm "3 section" plug and dont melt and short the connections , There is another problem too . the diameter of the 3.5 mm Nolan  female socket is smaller than the outer diameter of the  3.5mm  "3 section" male plug shroud so you wont be able to use it , I resorted to filling the inside of the male 3.5mm "3 section" plug connections with hot glue for strength , water resistance and to prevent internal shorts at a later date , I then used  heatshrink on the outside to replace the  original shroud. Two layers of headshrink gives a nice firm resistance fit into the the female socket  so it wont accidently fall out ,



 There  it is !  no guarantees its correct  ( usual disclaimer)  though I got it working ok  . The  sockets  on the  "Nolan N102"  insert I have depicted as Plugs   ( because they were easier to draw in  Microsoft Paint )   note  also that the  small PC  board  is shown as a "looking through"  as holding it up to the light . you can now  visulise how the unit interconnects . the website has the connections for the K series headset   just paralell up the K series earspeaker connections  and connect the Nolan  mic around the correct way .

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