Headsets :

The PHS Ltd headset system is designed to be installed  in minutes without any damage  or modifications to helmet, bike or rider. 
Headsets  consist of two thin ear speakers which are held into the lining of the motorcycle helmet with  velcro "hooks" , There is the option of sticking ear-cushions on the flat ear-speakers as  this helps isolate the road noise and improve communications audio quality. However there may be a problem with ear-cushions and a tight helmet ,it could get uncomfortable after a while.   The microphone can be of a wire cable  type, and  it to held into the chin bar by velcro  or one can have a boom mic option held onto the helmet by velcro to the outside , where the mic boom bends down and passes under the chin bar  up infront of the mouth.  There is a cable hanging down from the headset  that has a Minidin connector  . 

                                                           headset detail with Audioline PMR500 radio 

This enables one to hop off the motorcycle,   unplug yourself from the wiring harness and go and pay for Gas  etc..... 
The wiring harness is a curly cable which will stretch out to well over 1 m long , this connects to a "Y" junction that splits the harness into two cables , one a short one about 15 cm long terminates in a plug specific to the radio transceiver used.
The other cable about 200mm long has a male mini din connector that connects to the cable that runs from the waterproof PTT switch  held onto the left handle grip by a velcro strap. the PTT cable connects to the harness via a minidin connector. 
When you purchase a headset there is enough components to ride away talking ( provided you already  have the matching  radio transceiver )

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