Motorcycle to Motorcycle "two way" systems

These systems enable you to talk from motorcycle to motorcycle while  riding ,  there is no reason why some of these systems cant be used for rider pillion systems as well !






 SP508 NZ$110    0.5 W      simple 40 Ch UHF  radio  runs on 4AAA   cells      with K series headset and handlebar  PTT button  short  range  1 Km or so




 SP2302AA NZ$250    0.5 W/ 3 W     Up market 40 ch UHF radio ,  with K series headset and handlebar  PTT button .plus cellphone holder to mount radio !!   this can be 
                                                                   connected to the motorcycle 12v system .
   talk all day without the battery going flat ,also has the ability to use an           optional                                                      high   gain  antenna  to boost range  



  Intercom with wireless PTT   $200          does rider - pillion , MP3 cellphone and BIKE  TO BIKE                 with additional free  walkie talkie  only 3 left



Long Range Bluetooth  Rider Pillion       $200     Interphone 1.2       rider pillion cell phone, MP3   and up to 1000m + range line of sight . these are v good !

Headsets to suit      GOLDWING  each        $ 140       Earspeakers    Velcro inside  helmet,   long curly cord terminated in 5 pin  Din plug ,  available in boom or wire mic                 

Cellphone Holders for motorcycle    $25    Attach easily to the handlebars of most motorcycle ....  can hold your  walkie talkie as well

Water-proof heavy duty bag for transceiver   $25                out of  stock  sorry


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