HID  Xenon Discharge lamps                Riding lights  

We have some xenon HID  discharge  motorcycle headlights  with the Lucas H4 fitting to replace the standard Lucas quartz iodide  light.
These HID Xenon kights have typically three times the light output ( luminosity) watt for watt of the standard Halogen bulb
The HID Xenon lighting system is a special light  akin to the spectra of daylight , these bulbs are 6000k ( diamond white colour)  these  can be likenened to a flash  tube in a camera except that the headlight  "flash tube" is fireing at  well over 120 times a second to put out what seems to be a constant brilliant white light  


You will see the actual flash tube  is a small pea shaped hollow bulb that contains the xenon gas mixture with wires that poke into the hollow bulbfrom each end  and between   which ensues a rapid electrical discharge which causes the internal gas mixture to give off a very bright white intense light . This "PEA" is arranged to be at the focus of the headlight reflector . There are  small focus adjustment screws provided to optimise the position of the bulb. The gas  discharge bulb is contained within another outer protective sealed glass shroud to absorb unwanted UV radiation and to protect the discharge  bulb as it generateds a high gas pressure when running for some time.


These gas discharge tubes require a very high voltage to trigger the gas to conduct  , we are talking voltages that can be as high as that required to fire a spark plug , ( 10's of thousands of volts) , and  like all gas discharges  which form a plasma , these have extremely low electrical resistance so to avoid destroying the bulb from this "short circuit" and high discharge current ,  the current through the gas mixture has to be limited by a solid state  electrical device called a Ballast , its operation is similar to that in a flourescent tube  the high voltage generator and Ballast are contained in the small sealed canister shown in the picture


The other problem with all headlights is that they have to be dipped , from high to low beam. In the normal Lucas H4 bulb one filament as switched off and another is a different position in the optical focus of the headlight reflector is switched on .The optical properties of the sytem cause the light beam to be displaced  appropriately . How ever in the gas discharge light it is difficult and expensive to have two plasma bulbs next to each other and to switch  one off and the other on ,so the  discharge bulb in mechanically (electro  magnetically) moved so the optical properties cause the light beam to dip  ( shades of the early 1920's when some cars has reflectors that moved to dip the headlights !! )

The  Xenon light system is somewhat more complicated than the standard light fixture and has a two large electro components  which have to be mounted somewhere  on the motorcycle  near the headlight and they are waterproof . . The connection of the system is simple via a three pin plug with three wires connecting to the plug  connectors  The KIT IS manufactured  TO RUN ON NEGATIVE EARTH  VEHICLES   At the light connection plug ,the red wire which is  12v positive and main beam. One common black wire  is negative and goes to earth and a white wire which is the dip beam connection , you will see the xenon bulb move  when this white wire is connected to positive 12v as the magnetic acuator is  also energised .

If you do see other Xenon light kits at what seem to be a cheaper price just check out if you can "dip" the  beam for oncoming traffic and you will probably find you cant !  thats why they are cheaper !! 

  NOTE:   We are not sure on the legality of these lights on motorcycles , however there are a  large number of motor vehicles utilising these HID Xenon  systems so we cant see why they cant be used as an after market upgrade on a bike .  These kits we sell are NOT brought in as direct plug in replacement for existing systems, though  they are simple to connect , you must compare the connections before connecting up the xenon system .  if you are " electrically gifted" enough, connect them yourself thats  fine but if not,  you are expected to consult an auto electrician for installation . We do not provide advice for connection within individual motorcycles . I have had one on my 1973 Norton Commando interstate for over 12 months now and it has performed flawlessly  however I have converted my Norton to NEGATIVE EARTH ( not at all difficult to do )

Each kit is tested before dispatch to see if the light works and the magnetic actuator moves the bulb , if you reverse connect the wires on installation and blow the electronics then  it is not covered under warranty as is misuse and neglect

Price is NZ$5



I'm going to have a look at the new 22W   LED   headlights  ,,, at the moment they are not  dip  able  but im sure we can sort that out with the magnetic actuator of the above xenon  unit     watch this  space  ...........


LED  RIding  Daylights

12w riding light 

We have a good 12w LED spot daylight ,these are waterproof , easily mounted ,  throw a good spot beam and if you had to you could ride at night with them at 80 kPh . it draws 1 amp at 12v .5 A at 24 v  and  yes 2A at 6 volts so would be perfect for those old 6v vintage motorcycles . you would have a light you can see by !!  these have an overall diameter ofabout 70mm 


                 price  NZ$45  

10 w  riding light 

These are a voltage regulated 10w LED light , they are in an aluminium heatsink with a diameter of 60 mm and are 25mm thick , they are attached by two threaded  studs spaced at 50 mm  in the rear of the light .. These are not suitable for interrior lights  eg caravan ... room etc  UNLESS you mounted them on a large meatl surce to dissapate heat  as they do get very warm if there is no airflow  . on a vehicle  this is not a problem at all  ... they are cooled by airflow 



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