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Ordering :
We do prefer to receive  some hardcopy form of an order . This protects us and you from Fraudulent use of a credit card , If we have hardcopy of an order  with a postal address then we have  proof of "desire to purchase" should there be any dispute over the transaction .   We accept most credit cards eg MasterCard, Visa etc  however we do not take Amex. 

You have 3 options to pay (listed below) as soon as payment is received
the goods will be dispatched to you, please don't forget to let us know
your delivery address and contact phone number.

1. For bank transfers our bank account details are:

Account Name: Pinfold Health Services Ltd
Bank: ASB
Branch: Rotorua
Account number: 123209 0073845 00 

Paying from overseas  is expensive, your bank will charge you a transfer fee  usually $30 on top of the sum you are transferring  so use a credit card !!

**IMPORTANT - Please include your identification name in the bank reference**

2. Or post a cheque made out to Pinfold Health Services Ltd to:

Pinfold Health Services Ltd
1172 Arawa st
Rotorua 3201
New Zealand

You may also pay with credit card but we do like you to fax us a signed letter with your order written on it and it saying you authorise us to debit your credit card No. xxxxxxxxx exp date xxx NZ$ X .XX please also supply a good accurate postal address and phone Number to place on the parcel , remember a courier, if required , will not deliver to a post box .  we are investigating PAY PAL  also 

Ph + 64(07)3486555
cell 64 021 985958 

For  you to  ring  P.H.S Ltd from Australia you will have to dial 

  0011- 64 7-3486555  or   alternative No.  from Australia  0011-64-21985958 . 

 Importantly a good description of the goods required:

 eg Motorcycle radio..         quantity required ?      slim headset ?,         boom mic headset?         cheek mic headset?              to fit xyz brand of radio,                                 
 Any relevant instructions? and  tell us if it is on the specials list!! 

 and Most important of all, an accurate postal address with as much detail as possible along with your contact phone number  (so it can be written on the package to assist delivery should it get "lost")         

 if you are not happy about placing your  credit card number on the internet , You may instead wish to ring +64 7 3488850  quickly and give the credit card details over the phone and then email us to confirm.. 

 Your credit card A/C  will NOT be debited until the actual time  the goods are packed and dispatched !  (this actually makes the "book keeping" easier to manage )                     

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If you wish alternative delivery systems, please notify us at the time of your order ,we will contact you with the additional cost so this can be added to the purchase payment . 



Motorcycle Headsets and Accessories                                                         

This contains all the information on the motorcycle communication Accessories we sell, I have just rehashed this part of the web so if something is askew, please tell me !

High Intensity  Light emitting diode  Modules , festoon and panel






             Dental Equipment : all plus  gst in NZ Dollars 


Intra Oral (Dental) Camera: (PAL)   Basic unit  
This is a light but ergonomically designed, hand held full frame display  ....  non  storage ,  Intra oral camera for Dental use . 

Contra angle handpiece  standard Long E fitting ,    complete with 1:1 latch grip head  $140 

Pana air  High Speed , press button chuck high torque head   with swivel quick release coupling ,  Non Fibre optic . 4 hole borden    $525 

Turbines for  above $200 

 Air motor NSK style , 4 hole borden   $450

 Composite Curing light  LED 1600 mW cm2,  digital timer with ramp,  pulse and full on .   $550 

Dental Radiograph scanner  1200 lines per Inch,  usb , with software      $700 



Colour CMOS Camera ( with electret microphone) 
his is a small self contained camera that operates off 12v and draws 60mA , has manufacturer quoted  Lux of 1.5, a  3.6mm 72 degrees focusable board lens and  330 lines resolution off a 360K pixels image sensor. The camera produces a very good picture in average day light levels with excellent colour reproduction. 

Walkie talkie  40 ch PRS  with built in speech scrambler !!

This is a 0.5 W handheld 40 ch PRS radio with a speech scrambler for added communications security , comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger radio meets Aust/NZ compliance specs 

Walkie talkie WT432 

This is a small, simple to operate 40 UHF CB  it is a "dual" Pack and comes with batteries and charger 

Forestry safety helmet radio headset  

This is an attachable ear-defender with internal earphone and boom microphone.  It clips to the corresponding plastic safety helmet, it enables personal  radio communications .( see also TWO-WAY RADIO HEADSET below)

Two-Way Radio  headset   ( aviation look a like) 

This is a communication headset like earmuffs with boom microphone ( electret) and ear speakers  it plugs into the Uniden 040/042/050/052  (But other radios are catered for so please ask )


This is a commercial aviation headset for aircraft use, it features fully adjustable headband with a choice of either gooseneck boom microphone or wire frame microphone both are extremely comfortable to wear ,have excellent acoustics and light weight 


This is an internal  battery powered intercom with capacity for a pilot and four passengers,  uses 1/4 phono jacks for compatibility with the standard aviation set-up  has PTT setup  Mute and Volume functions


These are a comfortable ear defender with in built speakers excellent Acoustics and a curley cord terminated in a 3.5mm mono plug suitable to plug into a two way radio .

                        Additional  Audio Communications interface 

Bluetooth cellphone adapter 
This enables one to use a bluetooth headset with a phone that does not have bluetooth 

Bone conduction vox unit

This is a small vox  unit with an earphone, it is  worn in the ear whilst wearing ear-defenders in  very noisy environments.  It will enable hands-free  control of a radio transceiver  e.g. Motorola  gp300 or Tait Orca etc.   Has to be heard to be believed!! (sorry about the Pun)

Cell Phone  headset adapters  or   Pop Ports 
These enable an external ear/ microphone  with a 2.5mm plug to be connected to a cell phone ( most types ) not all  they plug into the bottom of the phone 

Bone Conduction Microphone/earphone (non Vox)

This unit is a "passive" ( contact piezoelectric type ) sensor based unit .It does not have the audio shaping electronics and VOX operation that the more expensive battery operated Bone Conduction  unit has . It has an outboard PTT switch at the end of a separate  800mm cable that can be attached to the finger by a loop of  adjustable velcro . The moulded silicone earphone unit has a vibration sensor  in a "pimple" of silicone rubber that rests against the hard bony surface of the ear canal , this  picks up the internal vibrations from speech. (also contains an earphone.)

Throat/Cheek microphone   

These are quite outstanding in a similar vein to the bone conduction vox microphones . It is amazing where you think one can pull intelligible speech from the human body. (though with some people, no amount of electronics will do this !!)  These units attach half way down the users neck  to the left or right of the midline . They have a separate hand held  PTT switch ( with extension) and an earphone that can be used in either ear. Great for communications in very noisy environment,  eg sawmills, factories, using a petrol chainsaw,  Microlight and ultralight aircraft,   I have  even tried it on my motorcycle with PTT mode , see also  cheek microphone in motorcycle radios !

Throat microphone-earphone  with VOX 

This is the above throat mic- earphone unit with an electronic Vox unit attached  The control electronics is in a small match box sized unit that is powered by a single 1.5v "AAA" battery. The unit has a high, low sensitivity and off (PTT) mode. The speaker plug is a 3.5mm mono jack and the microphone a 2.5mm mono jack ,The earphone volume is controlled  by the volume   control of the transceiver. Since this is worn around the throat and not placed inside the users ear canal it is less of a hygiene issue. Great for Hands-free communications in very noisy environment,  eg sawmills, factories, using a petrol chainsaw,  Microlight and ultralight aircraft,   I have  even tried it on my motorcycle with success. 

Headset vox unit

Headset unit, to allow hands-free operation of a portable radio transceiver .    

Earphone Boom Microphone       

Small but comfortable Earphone-microphone unit with a right angle stereo 2,5mm plug, for use with  cell phones (some phones may need an adapter) or for use in other communication  systems.   we have noise cancelling versions also ,

Surveillance headset  
A discrete headset with a clear plastic ear acoustic tube and small handheld PTT microphone easily hidden in the users hand, great for floor walkers and store detectives!

Boom type mic with earphone

We have a good array of over ear boom mics suitable for hands free on a cell phone etc

Throat Microphones 

 This is a throat mic that really works I have imported many to try, and  in my books  this has no equal in simplicity and performance 

Simplex repeater module     

 This enables two transceivers which cant communicate with  each other via an obstructed path, to do so via a third transceiver  placed on common high ground ,   This control unit is plugged into the transceiver spkr/mic socket , stores up to 60 seconds of  received speech and  then pays it back into the transceiver mic socket thus rebroadcasting the received audio on the common channel. Could also be used in testing /repair of two way radios as a speech source .                                                       

                                     2.4 GHz  Wireless Products

Video Senders/receivers @ 2.4 GHz

 Enables one to broadcast quality video and stereo sound from a source i.e. composite video output  port  of   a computer,  Sky decoder, DVD player, VCR, camera etc. to another TV somewhere in the building,    (has NZ Radio Frequency service, certificate of compliance)

Miniature transmitting colour camera and receiver

This is a 2.4 GHz miniature transmitting colour camera with a built in microphone and its associated four   frequency sequential scanning receiver ( video and audio output )  (has NZ Radio Frequency service,    certificate of compliance)        

Micro  colour video cameras , with and without sound and some are wireless!!

These are micro-miniature colour video cameras in PAL format ( NTSC available) they are incredibly small , the size of a thimble and that includes the Lens! they are also available in Wireless, with and without sound and   they operate on 2.4GHz ( other frequencies available) These units produce an amazingly clear and true, colour picture . The cameras can be focused manually , depending on the working distance requirement. will run off a PP3 9v battery.

2. Parabolic antenna for external use, available in several gain formats 15dBd,19 dBd and 23 dBd complete with mounting hardware .  Coaxial cable connection is by "N" connector.

                                 Wireless data transfer products:

Bluetooth   USB units 

These small self powered units plug into a USB port of an IBM compatible computer and enable connections between data units that support the standard bluetooth protocol


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