Wireless  Systems      



                        Nordic Rf  based rider -Pillion    with music     NZ$200   (ex  evaluation )  sold out      This system is  not   bluetooth  , has some advantages too !

Bluetooth  Rider -pillion       with Music  ( requires bluetooth music source)           NZ$200 


                   Bluetooth  Stereo Audio  Transmitter                NZ$55
Bluetooth Long Range  Rider -pillion                 cellphone                      NZ$200         on special


                        Bluetooth  Motorcycle headset     NZ   $50  use you bluetooth enabled cell phone while you ride

                        Wireless  Bluetooth headset system for WT419  NZ  $120 

                   Wireless PTT  Intercom        $200      requires additional walkie talkie if you want to do bike to bike     (see the hot deal)

                   with a  a cellphone adapter  and a cellphone bluetooth headset one can make a wireless radar detector connection  !!         

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