My System  wont work !!


We have come across this problem with the Motorola  series of radios and the Orcom 1000  PRS radio ,  You plug the headset cable right angle  plug , set it all up , press the PTT and Nothing happens !   you check it all  still nothing  !  Did you hear anything in the headset ?. any familiar beeps when the radio turns on and off .? Push the plug in and put of the socket ,  does it feel like it is clicking fully home ? if it has no "feel" to it it might not be going in deep enough .  The most comon cause is the radio harness plug is not inserted deep enough into the socket .I have seen some earphone plugs that are slightly longer than the standard 2.3 / 3.5mm right angles plugs .  try gently forcing the plug in deeper and holding it in forcefully.. does the radio  beep in the headset ?  when you turn it off and on ?? does the PTT  now work ?  If you are lucky enough to have the external mic/earphone supplied with the radio,  visually compare  the length  of the  supplied earphone  plug and see if it seems to go deeper than the one on the Radio harness  . You may have to trim either the the radio harness plug periphery  or the plastic case surrounding the  external earphone  socket on the radio.


 compare active length                                                 original earphone hole                                                         Drilled out hole to let plug to  full insertion

If you decide to drill out the plastic case of the radio with a 1/4 inch drill bit  a word of warning  "ON NO ACCOUNT PUT THE DRILL BIT IN THE POWER  DRILL to do this  . twirl the bit between  your fingers to drill it out , if you use the electric drill , the bit will suddenly bite into the plastic acse  and pull intself  rapidly into the radio, stuffing the earphone socket  before you can say "Jack Robinson "           RESIST the temptation  ( experience talking here !! )


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