Intercom with wireless PTT      


           $200    clearance price.  I have three units that will be sold with walkie talkies supplied at no extra cost ! radios have no warranty as they are ex demo but operational ..once the three radios have gone this offer no longer applies...   dont miss out  first in first  served   .

This is a  self contained rider to pillion intercom  that is designed to clip to the riders pocket , It comes with  dual wireless  control of its functions . The rider  and pillion each has a small remote  control unit operating at 433 Mhz , much like the car lock/unlock system  , this remote unit has  five function buttons

 + Vol  increase button
 --Vol decrease button 
    PTT button
Mode Vox  control
Mute lock control

By use of the remote unit, the rider or pillion is able to individually control the volume in their  own headset , answer a cell phone call ( rider only )  mute the music and instigate communications with the opposite party.  the rider can also have control over a PRS walkie talkie connected to the system ie receive and transmit voice .

The Intercom unit has its own internal large capacity  1000mA Lithium Ion battery which is charged be connecting the intercomm to  the usb port on a personal  computer  using the supplied  charging cable/230V adapter  , the two handheld remotes are also charged in a similar way .
 When charging  the remote they show a blinking blue  light  when the light has stopped blinking the  remote is charged , there is a similar system for the intercom unit as well though all the leds blink in sequence when charging .
As well as rider to pillion communication, the  unit is able to input an MP3 player via a 3.5mm stereo plug ( supplied) , A prs transceiver for motorcycle to motorcycle communications  (cables supplied but not the transceiver) , Cellphone connection with pop port  for Nokia brand (supplied)  (2,5mm to 2.5mm cable is optional extra ), and an external power input so as not to use the internal battery ,( Supplied) 
However  you should be able to run the intercom for 6 -8 Hrs continously before  it requires recharging . We have headsets with   dual speakers and with wire mics only ! 


The  headsets and mic Velcro into the helmet so no modifications are neede  These headsets are thicker than the standard K series so need to be placed in the ear space in the helemt  however the intercom does have more than adequet volume to enable this .

Make sure you attach the remote PTT  to your hand with a lanyard or cable ! I do have spares  , loss of the remote , will not be covered by warranty and they will be NZ$50 each to replace !

This  Intercom is  supplied with a selection of Transceiver cables and will interface with our SP808  radio   and SP23022AA  radios  the next 3  sales will be supplied free of charge a walkie talkie of my choice  to connect to this system , this is the sellers prerogative ! dont grizzle if you miss out ok,  I found three  radios in the store room so they are an incentive to purchase .....




1.        Power On/Off:    Hold  Mode/Vox and VOL/lock down together for a few seconds to power on/off the Intercomm  Press and hold  VOL+/ADJ and VOL-/VOX to increase/decrease the  volume .

2.        Press and hold simultaneously the two  VOL- and  Mode/VOX to enable/disable VOX function.

3.        When VOX is enabled, VOX indicator LED turns on,  a short press on the  Mode/POW button enables one to alternate  between Rider/pillion communication & and transceiver  mode, use the  PTT to control front & back intercom and transceiver operation of the  intercom.

4.        When VOX is enabled, VOX  LED  indicator turns on, use PTT to control the transceiver connected  to the  intercom.

5.        While VOX is enabled, press  and hold the VOL+/ADJ until the  VOX  LED  indicator blinks, you can adjust the VOX Sensitivity.  Pressing the  VOL+/ADJ to increase sensitivity, or pressing the VOL-/ADJ to decrease sensitivity., When a “di…” is sound  is heard , in the earphones  indicates that  the VOX is enabled

6.        , press Mode/POW to return to non vox  state.

7.        Indicator: Talk indicator LED  turns on, indicating the intercom  is in front & back talk mode, TR indicator LED  turns on indicating the machine is in intercom mode, VOX indicator LED  turns on indicating VOX is switched on. Talk indicator  LED or TR indicator LED  blinks  to  indicate that the machine is in front & back talk mode , intercom mode or in use.

8.        CD and MP3 operation: When connected and enabled  ,an  amplified external audio source (CD or MP3 signals) heard by rider  and pillion.

9.        The user can remotely control volume and mode through  the PTT1 or PTT2 button

10.   Front & back talk: when VOX is switched off, while in front & back talk, press and hold PTT1 or PTT2 till “gu…” is sound, when Talk indicator blinks, you can start front & back talk. (when mobile is connected with it, not until press and hold PTT1 for 1 second can you start front & back talk). When VOX is switched on, speak loudly to microphone till “gu…” is sound, when talk indicator blinks, you can start front & back talk.


  Mobile Phone use: Plug the connected cellphone into the correct socket on the unit , You will hear a “di…” sound, indicating the mobile has been successfully connected to the intercomm.

12.   When a call is received , press the  PTT1 button quickly  twice, when “di…di…” sound  is heard, you can answer the call, if the unit fails to answer, fast press PTT1 once a third time try again. To terminated the cell call ,press the  PTT1 button quickly twice till “di…di…” is heard, it will then  hang it up, if you fail to hang it up, repeat the above

13.   Note: only earphone 1 can communicate with the cellphone .


15.   Listen to Nextel intercom: Nextel Intercom must be inserted in Mobile telephone, when a call comes in, press and hold PTT1 for more than 1 second to enter NEXTEL intercom, then you can operate it as you do a common intercom, namely, press PTT1 intercom, release it to listen to the caller, should both sides say nothing within 12 seconds, the system will exit NEXTEL state.

16.   Caution: to enter NEXTEL intercom state again, you must wait to be called by the caller first, then press PTT1, if the caller doesn’t call you, press PTT1, and the system will revert to  front & back intercom mode.

17.   Operations of intercom: while in intercom mode, press and hold PTT till “Gu…Gu…Gu…” is heard, after  that the TR indicator LED  blinks, the voice will be sent transmitted  (if a mobile is connected to the intercom , you must  press and hold PTT1 for 1 second can intercom mode can be initiated). When signal is received, the intercom will switch to the received call automatically, , Rider and pillion will hear the received voice

18.   External power supply: if required you can use a external power supply (6-12V). negative earth (0ptional extra)

19.   Charging: The unit requires charge voltage of DC5V, The intercom  can be charged via any computer USB socket. Insert the USB charging plug, and the intercomm will automatically enter charging mode, The three indicators will blink in sequence  until  the internal 1000mAh (3.7V) lithium Ion cell  is fully charged. This usually  takes about 3 hours to achieve  full  charge. Expect about 6 -- 8 hours continuous use from a charge .



                                                                     Not supplied are the MP3 payer, Cellphone, two way radio !!Now in Stock   NZ $200       
These are new stock and have gone up in price  because the NZ dollar has fallen from 70 cents to 50 cents when I purchased them  

                           We now  have in stock  the headset  extension  cables for rider and pillion at $10 each,  these will stretch out well in excess of 1.2m long 



Hi Mike , We got home from Townsville this afternoon so thought I would drop you a quick line with a report on the performance of your intercom system , in a word IMPRESSIVE , the unit worked non stop from Brisbane to Townsville , at no time did it give us any trouble , the earphones are audible at speeds of up to and past 130 kph ( not that I do those speeds ) The UHF worked really well , I can't give you a definite range but at one time during the trip we were separated from our friends and we passed them while they were at a fuel stop , we went several klm down the road and stopped waiting for them to catch up , the country side was hilly and not good for radio comms and the mate only had a stubby antenna on his radio but he was receiving me a good ten minutes before he caught us , when we were in open country we were getting around 5 klm range between us but as I said he had a stubby antenna .
The only downside of the system is that it is not waterproof and trying to mount it on a cruiser is not easy , however as they say necessity is the mother of invention for about 3 bucks you can buy a small sealable plastic box ( or swipe some of the wife's Tupperware ) that can be stuck via Velcro to your tank and the intercom can then be stuck in the box via Velcro , all you have to do is cut two small slots on either side of the box to allow the cables to come out and hey presto one water resistant intercom ( looks like a dogs breakfast but it does keep the water out ) When I get around to downloading all our pic's I'll send some over to you so you can see what I am talking about .
Cheers mate talk again soon   Mark Holman


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