This is a unit similar to the motortalkie in principle but it does not do "Bike to Bike "  It contains a synthesised FM stereo receiver. 88.00 to 108 Mhz ,  UHF receiver 460 to 490 Mhz in 12.5 Khz steps (just so happens to pass thru the NZ police UHF channels around  488.225 MHz )  and integral Lithium Ion battery, which is charged via the USB port of your computer.  The FM  radio has 10  memory channels . The Left hand intercom cable is used as the 88-108 FM antenna so if you are riding by yourself  please use the left headset plug or you will have no FM antenna!!( and reception will be crap!)   The unit can do rider to pillion but it uses PTT buttons to enable this function. There is a 3.5mm stereo put for external audio  ie MP3 Player  or radar detector .  There is a 2.5mm terminated cable for the cell phone connection . The headsets  velcro into the motorcycle helmet and the boom mics stick to the outside and pass under the chin bar or straight across the mouth in the case of a open face helmet .


                             cellphone connection                                headset with dual earspeakers and Boom mic  .PTT  button 


The Motorcomm like the Motortalkie shuffles the various audio levels up and down  while it answers cell phones  enables rider pillion comms etc..  The Motorcomm is supplied with its own manufactured headset unit , they are NOT the K series  that PHS   sells ( different electrical connections )    however they are still very good ! 

      Two headsets, two Ptt buttons , cellphone cable 2.5mm termination, 3,5mm ext audio cable, charging cable  (sorry no cellphone or ipod!! )

we are working on obtaining more information on these units .

NZ $250    inc  gst 


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