BT1000 Long range bluetooth    (out of  stock )   now  see   Interfone 1.2     below 


  Cellphone  Walkie Talkie  holder



  The latest  arrival, A somewhat more robust and waterproof version of  the new generation of class 1 long range Bluetooth bike to bike -  rider -pillion full duplex intercom  ,  It does much the same as the earlier bt1000, like  cell phone connection , external Bluetooth music dongle  ; however it has an additional MP3 connection cable supplied . This enables one to use an external wired  mp3/Ipod  music player with the system and not have to purchase the addition stereo music Bluetooth dongle   thus saving money . when the intercom operates the music is cut  ,when the intercom cuts off  the music , but it returns when the intercom function returns . the Interfone has no control over your music source and in reality it keeps  playing  , you cannot control the MP3 Volume  from the  Interphone  ,but must do it from the music source .                            


                                                   The New Interphone 1.2    (supplied as a pair )  but without the Ipod

The antenna is a somewhat swept back configuration and consists of a 2.5 Ghz sleeve dipole  within a plastic  protective tube fed from a class 1 bluetooth setup ,the Bluetooth chipset  being the English made  CSR  brand . talk time is still 7 hrs+  and the range is very good , in fact I think much greater than the older style BT1000   , I did a static test  with my son standing on the roadside ( Highfield pl , tarawera Rd.  Lynmore .  Rotorua) and I drove line of sight , 1.2Km down the road where I got out of the vehicle and stood outside and could still talk , he was clear as a bell . Id be keen to try it one day in a clear line of sight area with no traffic  and see how far one can go before the signal just cant hold any more !
The interphone is supplied as a pair with... usb charging cable,..... MP3 connection cables, ..... 230V plug packs , .....mechanism for attaching to the helmet and instruction manual , ....... all you need  for riding away  talking  .


The Bluetooth chipset in this unit is made by a UK company CSR, it is the same brand that is used in the much more expensive  ""  other  brands"   bluetooth bike to bike units  sold on the web at grossly exorbitant  prices  so why pay all that extra money when essentially you are purchasing similar  and in a lot of cases better  performance product   Why do I assume the interfone 1.2  goes better than other  units ?  simple..... because of its RF design  .  It uses  a more efficient full size 2.4 Ghz  sleeve dipole antenna mounted  up on the outside of the unit for less restricted " antenna view" .  most of the other  "expensive " bluetooth systems use a small less efficient  chip antenna  down on the circuit board in among the electronic components  .where signals cant get to quite so easily...

I did a riding test on the new Interphone , I on the 1973 commando 850  and my Friend on his 1978   750 triumph tiger , we don't have flash hi tech helmets so they both aren't quiet helmets , we went for a good hour  ride out to a favorite beer and sausage place and back  , the units worked very well and we could easily talk at 100-120 Kph  though above  150 Khp the wind noise in my helmet made it very  difficult albeit impossible  to hear ,  basically ,being Bluetooth and operating at 2.45 Ghz,  the communications are restricted to  line of sight  and generally we established that , " if you can see your riding buddy you can talk to them ".  I f he gets over the brow of a hill too much, the comms will start to break up .What we did notice is that at outer  limits of straight line communications ~ 1Km , vehicles in between did cause a small amount of interference  blocking the signal momentarily . , I was very surprised at the situations where my riding buddy was well way out of sight but I could still hear snippets of signal still coming through but totally unintelligible , these small blips in signal help keep the Bluetooth "Locked"  and as soon as signals get stronger the system is fully synchronised  and the speech becomes clear . However  if the communications link between the units is lost completely for more than 30 seconds, the headsets will drop back to standby mode , indicated by a "beep" heard  in the ear ,and either user  will have to reinitiate intercom mode by pushing the intercom button, when back in visual  range . 
 There is plenty of volume ,in fact more than enough  for the older deaf  rider , or if you like to use earplugs as well .
The module pictured above  is  relatively straight forward to attach to the left hand side of your helmet ( you need a small blade screwdriver )  the earphones are held inside the helmet  with a velcro hook backing on the speakers , Check the inside of the microphone  foam to see where the mic opening is to make sure its facing your mouth and not the outside of the helmet . Make sure you position the earspeaker directly over your ear canals  ,  Dont put them in the ear  spaces in your helmet , as this is back behind the earcanals and you wont hear them very well at all ..

These  are not a VOX operated intercom and Im not a fan of vox as it has to be well set up and the user must understand the constraints of the system ,I like to keep things simple  for the non technical types ... 
To initiate  the intercom,  either user presses the large  rear button ( helmet/ motorcycle-picture button)  near the antenna end  briefly and this turns the intercom function on . When you have had enough talking,  either party can push their  "helmet" button and turn the intercom function off .  Its an off-on function , Note  the first time you initiate the intercom function it will take several second to "synchonise"  once this is achieved it turns off and on quickly .
Pair the units to your Bluetooth enabled cellphone for phone calls or music if your phone is mp3 capable .

This Bluetooth unit will pair with the motorola smart phone .  Iphone 4 and samsung galaxy s2       enables phone call reception and to play music from the phones  !!

If you happen to have  a pair of our K series in helmet headsets from a previous system . We have available adapters $10 to enable use of our  K series  headset   with either of our  Bluetooth systems , The  K series headset will enable clearer comms at much higher speeds  than the standard supplied headset  , but now  you will be   up in expensive/loss of licence speeds.  

 We have sold many to lots of satisfied and contented  customers  ,They are value for money  no doubt .

These will be the same introductory  price at    NZ$200   for a pair of units .  ( of course the ipod is not supplied in the deal)



                cellphone mount                                                            Walkie Talkie  holder                             Adjustment  and attachment details

Here is a great piece of kit to hold your walkie talkie , Radar  Detector or cellphone on the bike ,you will find the cellphone performance is much improved range wise if its not in your pocket  pressed up against your body ,  your body  lard sucking up precious cell signal . This is a great setup to use with one of our matching $50 Bluetooth cellphone setup ,also of pairing your Bluetooth intercom to the phone  as well for Music or phone calls .   You can also hold your  bike to bike /radio .To prevent the cellphone  being bounced out of the holder  on a rough patch, id place a large rubber  band around for added  safety  . The Unit can connect to a switched source of 12v from the bike and it also has a 5 v power output unit so one could charge their cellphone from it via the several adapters supplied for common phones ,  Do  not overtighted the swivel ball adjustment  as the unit is only made of plastic you will fracture the tightening nut out of the  internals  .. ( we  have just  modified all our  cellphone holders with a 10mm flange  nut  and now  you will not  fracture the retaining nut , )

            12v input 5 v out switching regulator                 regulator in case                                   anti rotation lock on back of holder

  NZ$25  intro price






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