Throat Microphones  with Earphone unit 


These are microphones that pick up the users speech indirectly via the throat. Because they do not rely on the passage of sound through the air to reach the microphone they are almost completely AUDIBLE-NOISE IMMUNE ! They can be used in extremely noisy situations where the ambient sound level will prevent the use of a normal acoustic microphone, such as next to large machinery  operating loud two stroke petrol engines (chainsaws etc) steel mills  sawmills etc and aviation situations where wind noise and turbulence impairs normal speech. paragliding,  hang gliding and micro lite aircraft, to name a few.


They consist of a small transducer or microphone the size of a 10 cent coin that is held in place on the side of the throat at the level of the voice box by an adjustable stainless steel neck band. The assembly has a small conventional  earphone that is fitted into the users ear   there is a common Push To Talk (PTT) switch  that has a small 2.5mm socket into which an accessory PTT switch can be plugged.  This accessory switch can be worn on the users finger  it is held in place by a small adjustable velcro loop       


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The unit plugs into the radio transceiver by way of a moulded plug 3.5mm speaker and 2.5mm microphone plug with a 10mm centre to centre spacing. The PTT switch grounds the electret microphone when depressed.    (And it is water, dust, and corrosion proof).

Throat-Activated-Microphone with Earphone unit

1. Better transmission will result if the microphone-head is about 5cm away from the throat 
or vocal cords on the side of the neck.
2. The microphone-surface must be firmly seated on your skin, or it won't receive the sound
vibration energy effectively.
3. The neck ring is made from high flexibility stainless steel, you can adjust the curve 
to fit your neck.
4. Press PTT key on the PTT box for transmission.
5. Use the PTT output jack on PTT box for connecting the extension finger PTT switch.
6. When you use the accessory finger PTT switch, place the velcro around 
your index finger, then stick the finger PTT switch to the velcro
7. You can use the multi-directional clamp on the rear of PTT box to attach the PTT box to your belt, collar or the other suitable places.
CAUTION, The PTT box, finger PTT switch and earphone part are not waterproof.
2. The microphone surface is of thin construction. Never apply force to it with fingers or 
pointed objects.
3. If the microphone unit is performing improperly, make sure it is properly contacting the 
neck. Adjust it by moving the microphone-head until you have a good sound connection.
4.Adjusting the circumference of the neck ring will enable  20% adjustment in size
5. Unit X-17, X-17K, X-17M applies to transceivers without VOX-control circuitry or an
amplifying circuit.
6. Please adjust neck ring circumference before application, Don't adjust it on your neck . 
7. X-17 can be used for the following brands STANDARD, ICOM, YAESU, ALINCO and ADI. and with a simple wiring modification the Uniden UH 040-042 XR series.
X-17K can be used for KENWOOD.
X-17M can be used for MOTOROLA GPB8. APlO. CPlO. 5P10 series
* When you use the X-17M. Please make sure the power of MOTOROLA radios is at "OFF" position before plugging the unit in,  After X- 17M is plugged into the MOTOROLA , turn on the radios .

Price is NZ$80.00 plus gst        **There will be an additional charge of $15 plus gst to modify them to use with a Uniden 040 042 transceiver   ( Uniden '040/042 have a different mic wiring connection !!)  and the Uniden '053 is different again!


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