Forestry Helmet    Headset communications.

This is one of a pair of  attachable ear defenders that mate with the corresponding matching bracket on a plastic safety helmet .

The Right sided ear defender has an easily reached  Push to talk button on the outside of the shell,  while the inside it  contains a small speaker. The boom microphone sweeps around from the lower side of the outer shell to directly in front  of the mouth  this assists to  enable clear speech . The user presses the small PTT button on the side of the helmet to speak to other parties on the same channel. The radio remains silent , in receive mode at all other times until a signal is received and heard within the eardefender.


The headset unit plugs directly into the small Uniden O40/042 series of inexpensive UHF CB transceivers.  This setup can enable forestry workers to stay in contact up to half a kilometer apart, providing the foliage is not too dense or the parties are not line of sight with intervening hills.


The units will be an advantage in the tutoring of those students learning silver culture skills. It will enable the tutor to keep close communication with those students whilst they are using potentially dangerous and noisy equipment such as chain saws and other heavy machinery.

The headset units can have the optional switch to enable VOX operation other than PTT when using the Uniden '042 handheld  transceiver   ( this will not work with the Uniden  040 unit , as it does not have a built in vox circuitry.)


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