Light Emitting Diodes and Modules ( mostly white)      updated 2/8/11

These are Automotive High Intensity  light emitting  diodes . they are all designed for 12 volt operation and are available in several forms  mainly festoon and panel .
These make excellent replacements for incandescent bulbs as they do not generate excessive heat, do not draw much current and put out an amazing amount of light.
I have picked the brightest lights I can find ,,the small yellow square with 3  dots inside , SMD5050 series chips used are in fact 3 leds in one package ( look closely) hence the 36 panels actually have 108 Leds active , hence the excellent light output . you may find cheaper  ( and dearer ) led lights on the web   check the actual number of leds  they actually have active . I like to sell only those which have a high light output  per volume/size  .... Note I do have some inexpensive  SMD1206 single  led chips.     panels ,  these are  brighter  than I expected  ...things have  improved !!

 'They make good substitutes for stop lamp bulbs on boat trailers as when you are backing the trailer into the water  you wont pop the  hot glass lamps when they hit the cold water !!
Note :  being a semiconductor they are polarised  and will only work one way around so try them before you put the lens cover back on (in case you have to reverse the polarity of the connection )

If you have a need to use these 12v LED on 24v then you can either put two panels worth of leds  ie 2  12 led panels to equate one  24 led panel  or purchase a led driver module of the correct constant current output  , these will take in from 10-30 v  AC or DC  and give a constant current output  , the amount of constant current output is set by a single low value current sense  resistor  usually less than 2 ohm , one changes the value of resistance to achieve the wanted current . These little constant current modules are based on the  switch mode regulator ic  the SD42522 , I have the data sheet  for these as well if you wish to modify them. 


       12v 70 lumen    41mm  white NZ$4.80 also in 39mm as well         12v  230 mA  36 tri led chip smd5050   with festoon adapter $NZ 30
120 mA at 13.2 V dc                              

                               NZ$7.00                                                                              NZ$9.50                       
LED panel 8 SMD ultra bright white Light emitting diodes ,                      LED panel 12 SMD ultra bright white Light emitting diodes ,                                    

            65 Lumens draws 80 mA at 13.2 V d.c                                                        198 Lumens draws 120 mA at 13.2 V d.c                                                     


            LED panel 36  SMD 1206   ultra bright white Light emitting diodes ,       LED panel 20 SMD ultra bright white Light emitting diodes
              draws approx 200 mA at 12 V d.c  NZ$10.00                                    345 Lumens draws  approx 220 mA at 13.2 V d.c  NZ$14.00   


    24 led    416 Lumens     250mA at 13.2 Volts     NZ$ 16.00                    36 led , 500 Lumens    345 mA at 12.6 Volts   $NZ  30.00  with regulator   


             12 LED  12v system       NZ$3 .00                                                         12 LED  12v system       NZ$3 .00  


              24  LED       12v system        NZ$5.00                                               24  LED       12v system        NZ$5.00     out of stock


  24 LED    12 v system       amber    NZ$5.00                                              T10   25 led 12 v system   NZ$9.00                    out of stock

1156 and 1157 4 leds high power  200 mA at 12.3v      NZ$16.50                         these are really bright and will be good for inside a camper


1156 and 115  bright   360 degree   good night navigation light $NZ 8.40   G4  12v6 140mA   18 smd5050   white and warm white   $NZ14 

         G4 fitting    28 led  170 mA @ 12v   $NZ $10                                           G4  9 led smd5050 tri led ( 27)   80mA @ 12.4  V    1 inch dia  NZ $7

     36 Led 1206 singles led   warmish white NZ $10      48 led $15                  64 led  12v 1 amp  smd5050  led  daylight  white  80mm by 80mm     NZ$30

 90 led panel 12v 1.5 amp smd5050 leds  white  105mm by 105mm  NZ$45     144 led panel 12v  2.2 amps smd5050 white  210 by 210mm  NZ$90

225 led panel 12v 3.3 amps smd5050  180mm by 180mm  NZ$100

                            T10   13 led 12 v system   NZ$7.00                                        1142  Navigation/caravan light  23  smd5050 leds white NZ$18


 1156  and 1157    3.5 w consumption,   10 to 28 volts  DC      NZ$23          12 W  12v@1 amp spot light    multi voltage 5v to 20v dc naked   NZ$30

        12 W  12v@1 amp spot light    multi voltage 5v to 20v dc  NZ$ 40                                                                                 


   27 white leds  1m long     550mA at 12.6v waterproof NZ$30    LED Driver Module based on sd4252 chip 80/120/150/250 mA ,10-30v   $5.00                                                                                                                


T10  3 led  12v system    NZ$1.00                                                             T10  5 led  12v system    NZ$4.50    



  Theses work really well and I have been impressed !  The  panel lights are so bright they are uncomfortable to look directly into .
The smaller panels make a    great tent light for camping !  and the large  panel would be great in a waterproof container for Flounder fishing !


we will also bring in some more  led spot lights 3W    and ,  9    watt    they have a great fight 15  degree beam and are excellent for spotlights attached to a rifle . the 9  W unit  draws 0.8 A   so with a 7 Ah battery you can stay out   with the light going continuously over 8 Hours   (all night )

       mountain bike  headlights 




Material: aluminum    Working temperature:-20~80      Power :3W*3   (9W)     Max Lumen:630 lm     IP Grade:IP65     Size: φ55mm*67mm(length)

Bracket: 360 degree rotation    Battery: 6650 Li-ion battery pack rechargeable   Switch type: click switch  with 3 intensity levels ,   Lens: PMMA    Beam angle: 15 degree

Charger: 100-240VAC (input) 8.5V 2.0A(output)                   These will go great on a rifle as a spot light

Charging time: 5hours Runtime with battery




4-Cell 4.4Ah

6-cell 6.6Ah





















               NZ  $150   inc  gst    NOTE                the  lights  I  have left  do not have the adjustable ring to attach to the handlebars

For  Technophiles :

We will be importing  just the 3  LED  Light  module with the integral  PMMA  Lens,     thus  can be used  with a 12v gel cell battery ,
There is a 3 w tri-Led unit ( naked  with no housing ) ,these operate on 12 v @280 mA   at  NZ$30 
 A 3 tri Led  9W  unit (~ 930  mA@ 12.5 V)  naked with no housing    NZ$50  these lights do get hot after a while hot enough to be uncomfortable to hold  thats why they are supplied with a fan! however out in the open on a rifle there may be adequate wind cooling  and a 9  Watt  3 LED  unit  in a housing with a power supply  cable (Internally limited to about  850 mA@12.0V)   NZ$70  

 If you are somewhat technically minded  you could make your own  night  light  , the $70  9W unit will make an excellent  rifle  mounted  spot light  . The PMMA  lens have a 15 degree  spread so the spot is still tight at a good distance .

             $70                                                                                                          3w is $NZ30                                      9w is $NZ50

These  models are  designed to run of 12.6-13V   max  ( a  12v  gell cell ...12v SLA  is ok )  I test every one I send out  first    but  dont exceed 13.6 V on them as they do not have feedback current limiting ,  only a series resistor  and YOU run the risk of burning them out  at your  peril .

That will not be a warranty claim have been warned .                   got some 27 W  ones coming !!!

by moving the  PMMA  lens about and lifting it away from the light source  you can get the light to spread more which would be better  for mountain biking ..

LED  Flood lamp / work  lamps

These  are useful from 10  to 30 V DC    they  use 3 W  LED module  the square  5 leds (15w)  1150  Lumen    and the round  6  Led  (18W)   1380  Lumen
   they have a large hinge bracket   at the bottom  and are supplied with  mounting bolts and screws

 1150 Lumen 4" work lamp / daytime running lamp, long range flood beam                                   1380 Lumen  4" work lamp / daytime running lamp, long range flood beam,    
   5pcs*3w high intensity LEDs     Current draw 1A @ 12V,0.55A@24V                                         6pcs*3w high intensity LEDs Current draw 1.14A @ 12V ,0.61@24V     (sold )    


Wide flood beam pattern 
Clear glass lens
Diecast aluminum housing
waterproof sealed to IP 67
Dimensions: as above,  43 mm thick                 INTRO  Price  NZ$120  each  plus postage
Input voltage 10-30V DC  

               Driving spot  Lights   mountain bike,   motorcycle     extremely bright   4 watts                         10 -30 volts   with    D.C   constant current electronics     NZ$ 50

MR-16  Down lights

I have bought in some MR16  down lights.  these are the brightest reasonably priced ones I can find , there are cheaper ones around  with the usual "common "type of clear plastic  leds but to match the light output of a 30 W halogen you really have to go to a lot of, or high intensity emitters and be up over the 3Watt power level to get good equivalent illumination  .  The  multi led flat  layout  of the  light source  tend to give a nice broad  wide light beam with even illumination . I notice the high power  low count LED emitters tend to have very good  illumination over long distance  due to the integral  reflectors . these would be great for a reading light  where as the flat light sources give better overall illumination .


  60 Led 12v6 @ 260 Ma warm white approx 3W $NZ18.00                         20 LED  (smd5050) 270 mA @ 12v6  cold white  approx 3.5 W $NZ 20.00

                 6 W  daylight    downlight     400mA @ 12v6 $NZ30.00


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