Colour CMOS camera

Model SS2000CA is a small 40x32x33 mm cmos camera with built in electret mic, and user focusable board lens  (3.6mm and 72 degrees).  The camera  runs on 12 volt and  draws 60 mA . It has a 360K pixel sensor  with medium resolution of 330 lines  and has good low light sensitivity of 1.5 Lux , this camera has a slight visibly  better low light performance than the micro miniature CMOS camera "No. 22" described elsewhere in the website . It has an automatic shutter with an exposure time  from 1/60  to 1/15000 of a second and the  standard video output CCIR/EIA (PAL/NTSC)  is 1v pk-pk into 75 ohms . the camera is supplied with a small mounting bracket and  an audio and 600mm long video lead terminated in two  female RCA jacks video and audio , the power cable has a male connector with the centre pin positive , there is NO reverse polarity protection.




Price  NZ $70 plus gst and freight

Match this camera with our 2.5GHz video sender/receiver system at $222.22 plus gst   and you have a wireless security observation system .

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