This is a small but discreet acoustic coupled earphone that fits into the ear canal via a silicone  earplug. The  300mm long flexible clear plastic acoustic tube is worn over the back of the ear and runs down to the sound transducer which can be clipped to the wearers clothing. There is a 700mm  soft black cable that runs to a small discrete handheld microphone containing  a built in PTT button. From the microphone is an other 700mm cable that terminates in a two pin plug 3.5mm speaker and 2.5mm (mic spaced at 10mm) which plugs into the radio transceiver. The microphone has good sensitivity and the earphone more than enough audio output .


The cables are long enough to run down the insides of sleeves to a transceiver hidden in a shirt pocket 

PRICE:   $80.00  plus gst 

Pinfold Health Services Ltd,1172 Arawa St, Rotorua 3201,New Zealand. ph +64-7-3488850 fax +64-7-3486555

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