The BA-1000U is a Bluetooth USB adapter for the notebook and desktop PC user and other bluetooth - enabled devices with a USB port. It allows the user to exchange data with other Bluetooth devices without cables, quickly and reliably. Plugging it  into the USB port initiates  synchronisation  with other Bluetooth devices, thus enabling file transfer, chatting, internet access and other various applications 


           Bluetooth  USB module(Class1)            Whats inside!

Features :

Point-to-point and Multipoint connection ( Piconet)
Reliable data communications with ARQ & FEC
Provides AD-hoc Network ( 1 Server : 7 Client)
Enhanced Data Security through Fast Frequency Hopping and Pin key
Network Access using PPP through Dial-up Networking or LAN Access Point
Profile Supported : General Access Profile, Service Discovery Application Profile, Serial Port Profile, Dial-up Networking Profile, LAN Access Profile IP over L2CAP, PAN Profile ( Proprietary)
Software supported : Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP.

Compliant with the Bluetooth specifications version 1.1
Frequency Band - 2,402 ~ 2,4835 GHz
Data Transmit / Receive Power Consumption ( Class 1) - 130mA ( Typical)
Operating Distance - Up to 100 meters (330ft)
Standby Power Consumption ( Class 1) - 1mA ( Typical)
Receiver Sensitivity - < -83dBm
Transmit Power ( Max.) ( Class 1)  -  +20dBm
Transmit / Receive Switching Time - 625 m
Data Rate - 1Mbps (Across Air)
Dimensions - 71.2 (W) x 32.6 (D) x 11.4 (H) mm
Operating Temperature - -15'C ~ 60'C

Bluetooth spec. v1.1 compliant for RF, BB and LM
Class 1 (Max. 20dBm) Output power
Bluetooth v1.1 compliant firmware supported
Firmware Upgradeable.

Price  per pair with software   $120.00 plus gst      want more range click here!

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