2.4 GHz video sender and receiver pair

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These consist of two small boxes. The transmitter is a synthesised 4 channel high quality Video and audio (stereo) unit and is about the size of a cigarette packet, and its associated 4 channel  sensitive receiver . The units are connected to via supplied RCA terminated leads and run on 12v D.C. via the provided plug packs. Alternatively, they could be run from a small 12v battery pack for portable use, (put one in a model plane with a small camera!). The transmitter and receiver have  SMA antenna connectors.(possibility to change to other better antennas!) The transmitter consumes 120 mA and the receiver 360 mA. The picture quality is exceptional as the transmission method being Wide band FM (the stereo sound on your FM Band Hi Fi is via Wide Band FM as opposed to the noise susceptible AM in broadcast radio and cheap mono video senders)                    These units are not out of band imports but operate within the frequencies allocated by the ministry of commerce radio frequency Service under Part1 schedule 1A of RFS29 for restricted radiation devices. (This video sender has Radio Frequency Service, certificate of Compliance under RFS29)                      The NZ ISM allocated frequency is 2.4 GHz to 2483.5 GHz with a maximum e.i.r.p of 1000mW . These synthesised 4 frequency (2.413, 2.432, 2.450, 2.470 GHz ) units transmit only within that NZ allocated frequency range,
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  They can be used for remotely watching a video/audio source such as a Sky Decoder, VCR, DVD player or even a remotely placed video camera, on a Television or video monitor connected to the 2.4 GHz receiver via the RCA AV inputs. at some distance from the video source. In fact any video signal can be sent wirelessly between the two units over a line of sight of well over 0.75 km+! These units can used in a situation where you would be restricted in running video and audio cables and in fact it may be a wise precaution from an Occupational Health and Safety point of view not to have wires around that people could trip over!                                                                                                                               These units could be used to send a picture with out ugly cables, to a TV on demonstration in a store front window, enable you to watch DVD movies played on your computer on your home television receiver via its RCA AV inputs. Movie viewing better done in the lounge, than all crowding around the home computer monitor!! (Range can be increased considerably, by improving the antennas! see other parts of the web site pages   (2.4 GHz antennas)

An excellent application for these units is as a video repeater . If you wish to receive a video signal from one of the Colour PAL microcameras down a valley or over a hill  eg at a farm gate  or shed what ever, then you could use a video sender  pair to relay the signals to the required reception point some distance away beyond line of sight.. The Colour camera receiver is put at a high point where it can receive a signal from the transmitting camera,the video and audio output is connected by 75 ohm coaxial cable to the video and audio input on the video sender unit (switched on to a different channel to the transmitting camera ). The video sender then resends the signal down to the  receiver at the monitoring point ....  simple   isnt it !    

Use a  pair of 19 dBi parabolic antennas, one at each end, with a short length of low loss RF feedline to the transmitter and receiver, and a pair of SMA female to "N" adapters to connect the coax to the  Rx and Tx  and these units will provide a clear noise free colour picture over a line of sight path exceeding 8 Km !! 

specifications:                                                                                                                       Transmitter. (AWV 365 Tx) Four selectable synthesised frequencies from 2.4 to 2.4853 GHz, modulation is wide band FM with left and right sound subcarriers at 6.0 and 6.5 MHz , Video input level is 1.0 v p-p into 75 ohms audio input is 600 ohms, input connectors are RCA type, antenna is vertical dipole type with SMA connector , power supply is 12v DC at 130 mA.
Receiver. (AWV366Rx) Superhet, single conversion, I.F at 418 MHz (saw filter) ,4 frequencies 2.4 -2.4835 GHz, FM detector is PLL type. current consumption is 350 mA at 12 v DC . video and audio out L,R, is via RCA connectors,  antenna is vertical dipole type with SMA connector

The price, reduced from $250 to  $222.22 inc GST.  (factory provided scart AV connector at one end  not RCA plugs at both ends)

Match this with our $70 cmos colour camera and have an inexpensive colour video security system 

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