Digitalk SP808

The Digitalk SP808 is a small compact 0.5W 40 ch UHF CB  handheld radio on Australasian frequencies. It has a large number of features. 
Repeater function ,  Vox, external PTT ability,  CTCSS, Scan function,  Keyboard Lock , stopwatch function, Auto Power off, Voice Scrambler , tone call function, Dual channel Watch, Baby sitter function. 
The radio has its own AAA rechargable NiMiH battery pack ,  3.6v AT 650Mah ,Dual base charger,  230v  wall plug adapter.  However should the need arise one could run the radio off three standard AAA alkaline cells or use larger capacity NiMiH cells 


We have to motorcycle to motorcycle two way radio headsets to suit these radios 

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               Pair NZ$120     plus postage 

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