Micro video cameras 

These are as described ......micro  not just miniature,  video cameras . They are probably the smallest fully functional video cameras I have certainly seen . Some  are the size of a thimble and others would fit inside the area covered by the average postal stamp !  they are available in PAL  and NTSC are CMOS  and draw low power . They are available in transmitting  (2.4 GHz  1.2GHz and 925 MHz)  with and without sound !  and come with a dual mode synthesized  matching receiver . They transmit   Wide Band FM and thus maintain a very good quality picture over a wide range of signal strength. The picture quality for such a small camera is superb. It is evident that CMOS  technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past years. The cameras have  a 1/3" sensor and a good matching manual focusable lens, this results in the very good image quality ,even in low light conditions <3 Lux!


 video only version  (cable)  No. 22                        Wireless  version !  No. 72

The cameras can be run off anything from 5-12 volts and it is important that the power plug is not cut off the power cable as it has a built in regulator and protects the cmos electronics from over voltage. Removal of the power connector socket voids the warranty  The units are very easy to set up and get operational ,


                                     camera model  No '51

The wireless video cameras will operate from a 9.0 volt Alkaline battery for quite a few hours, typically > 4 , thus enabling a most miniature transmitting video camera  with the sound option for all sorts of activities be they clandestine and others.  These would be the perfect unit to place in a radio control model as they are so small and light (~ 20 gms for the camera ) not including the pp3 9v  battery.


 2.4 GHz receiver                                         2.4 GHz camera  with sound  No. 71

Specifications :


The complete set up comes with one colour camera  (with or without sound ) pp3 9v battery clips, 230v AC plug packs for transmitter and receiver, AV cables to connect to receiver to a  TV monitor and instruction sheet. 

2.4 GHz wireless camera kit video only ........ No. 72

Transmit video only , board lens F/1.8 f=6mm  view angle 53 degrees 1 channel@ 2472MHz  1 9v pp3 battery connector, 2  230v AC adapters , 1 synthesised 4 channel  receiver with A/V cables 

 NZ $451.25 plus gst 

2.4 GHz wireless camera kit video plus sound .........No.51

Video mic camera kit  transmitter @2432 MHz  DC 4.8-7.2 v regulated, 80mA,  size 15x24x20mm ,weight 15 grams approx, 365K pixels (PAL), <3 Lux at F 1.2, S/N ratio 48 db  board lens f=3.6mm/view angle 92 degrees. matching receiver , Video out 1 V p-p /75 ohms Audio 0.8 v /600 ohm, 12v DC at 180 mA , size 150x88x40,     with A/V cables 2 of 230v plug packs. 9v pp3 battery connector, Clear  Line of Sight range up to 300 m ( can be vastly improved with a more efficient receiving antenna )

NZ$ 408.00   plus gst

2.4 GHz wireless camera with sound ..................No.71 

Video mic camera kit  transmitter @2432 MHz ,matching receiver with A/V cables 2  230v plug packs. 9v pp3 battery connector, 

NZ$ 465.00   plus gst

Video camera only  (no power supply )   .............No 22

NZ$ 138.00  plus gst 



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