Two way radio range extender

very easy to operate

installs in seconds

Built in monitor speaker,  hear what the radio is receiving !!

Stores and retransmits  up to 60 seconds of received speech. ( most only do 30 seconds )

Will interface with almost any radio ( may need adapter plug to suit radio)  i.e see uniden explanation below  ) 

I will attempt to document the connections of the various radios (prs or otherwise) however see the motorcycle  communications for other PRS radio connections .  if you wish to make up your own adapter/interface  cable  ......see info below. 
The configuration of the two parallel 2.5mm stereo sockets are  tip Mic ,  ring speaker and sleeve, common earth .
This unit is a small (83mm X50mmX25mm) ,   microprocessor controlled simplex repeater based on the ISD2560 voice storage chip running at a sampling frequency of 8 KHz! so the stored and replayed audio is of very good communications quality! It is designed to interface with any two way radio with a speaker/mic  audio accessory jack . The simplex repeater will extend the range of any low power two way radio  by being paired with a radio on the same channel, as a intermediary placed at the highest common point between the two radios  on the same channel .  The simplex unit records the received  the audio from the two way radio and when finished  receiving , enables the  transceiver  PTT and plays back the recorded message into the mic socket of the transceiver, when the replayed message has ended, it places a "cosmetic" end of message "BEEP",( NOTE: some  firmware versions only !) (this allows the listener to know the message was actually repeated) then it allows the transceiver to return to receive mode for the next recording . The unit is fully automatic ,  runs on 4 AAA  alkaline cells, draws less than 33mA when actually repeating , When not in use , the unit will drop back into "sleep mode", I measured 1.3mA standby current. That extends its battery life  and depending on its frequency of use, will run for days/weeks. If you don't wish to use internal batteries, It has the facility for an external power source  8-14 v DC  centre pin positive,  supplied with a headset earphone/mic and Radio   Plug adapter described as   2.5mm stereo ,tip mic, ring speaker and sleeve common . The other end is a  2.5mm mic plug (tip positive) and 3.5mm  speaker plug, spaced at 10mm.  (The repeater comes  supplied with the internal circuit diagram, only when purchased )  ,the unit is  not water proof .


Simplex repeater connected to Uniden 040 ( requires mic cable swap over) Note: (tip on the Uniden is EARTH and sleeve is AUDIO..... this is the reverse of most handhelds)
With  the  repeater interface cable supplied (2.5mm and 3.5mm speaker @10 mm centres ),  mic tip is audio and sleeve is earth !( enables immediate use with GME TX610 or TX630 radios !)


price   NZ$ 112.00      ( Repeater doesn't include PRS radio in picture) 

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