WT432  40 ch UHF cb  handheld     also sold as the spectra CS800

This is a small simple to operate 40 channel  UHF CB handheld manufactured by Tsuen Shing  electronics in  Honk Kong  for the Australian /new Zealand frequencies,  It runs on 3 rechargeable Nickle metal Hydride cells ( there is no warranty on the supplied batteries ) or 3 AAA Alkaline cells , however a 6 month warranty on the radio and charger . NOTE: there is only ONE charger to share between both radios.
The low power radio (300mW output) is suitable for motorcycle to motorcycle use as the headsets for the WT419 radio plug directly into the top of the radio ( the radios are both made at the same factory ) The radio  , does not have the long range of its big 2W brother , however will provide at least >1-2 Km range when placed on the handlebar and/or  fairing out in the open .


Never try and charge Alkaline/NiCad/Carbon Zinc  batteries in this radio, you will stuff the radio and burst the batteries and perhaps injure yourself  and  neither is covered by warranty !


Warranty    The WT432 will have a 6 month warranty for the radio, base charger , and wall plug power supply. The warranty covers electrical defects only ,  and not mechanical breakages . If there is  signs of neglect ,water damage , misuse, unauthorized tampering , the warranty will be null and void . However we are happy to honor this warranty if for some reason the radio fails ( we just give you another one !!)  ! we will not provide a warranty on the rechargeable batteries   

          Using Alternative  Brand Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries in this radio Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries in this radio                

On no account try to charge any other type of battery other than Nickel Metal hydride batteries in this radio ,This radio and its /internal  charge controller will only charge Nickel Metal Hydride batteries safely , there is a real risk of damage to the radio and possibly yourself should the incorrect type of cells  be overcharged and burst !! do not try to charge Nickel cadmium, Alkaline ,or Carbon-Zinc cells.  There is a simple modification that needs to be done to only one of the "other Brand" NiMH batteries and this battery will  enable the proper charging process (winking LCD  )  . Peel off the plastic covering of one  battery from the lower half only   and this will expose the metal case of the Nickel Metal Hydride battery. (see photos below) Take the back off the radio to reveal the 3 batteries, remove the batteries.  If you look into the right  battery compartment without the batteries in place , you will see at the spring (-ve) end of the battery contact and  in the bottom/floor of that right side   compartment , at the conical spring end, a flat metal contact  that pokes up out of the floor and presses against the inserted  battery case.  This is the "sensor" that tells the radio it has the original nickel metal Hydride batteries in place. 
note: The original green batteries supplied are missing the plastic battery covering  at the flat  (negative) end of the cell . The sensor contact in the horizontal battery compartment, detects  this bare metal and tells the internal charging circuit to initiate the charging process . If this contact does not touch  metal of the battery case ( ie there is still plastic wrapping )  then charging is inhibited and no winking lcd indication  . 

new , original,   modified new.    sensor contact to enable charge     modified cell in position

These pictures are of the WT419 battery pack but the WT432 made by the same company has the same system to detect  the correct NiM Hydride cells .

For those who are interested,   the radio complies under AS/NZS 4365- 1996, 
Australain Communications Authority ,   Radio Communications compliance Laboratory. Accredited No.5180    Test report No. 04/026N/I   dated 20 April 2004 ,  

 We also have the circuit diagrams as well !!

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price                $NZ 50  plus postage  ( for   a pair (2) of  radios batteries and  charger )

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