SP508  Radio and Headset 

We have imported  a small simple 500mW  handheld transceiver that runs on 4 AAA  cells but uses the "K" series headset that the 3W sp23022AA uses , so later on you could upgrade to the long distance big brother radio. .The system is designed for those who want to try bike to bike communications  but don't want to invest a lot of money in a system.




The whole system  ( "K" series twin earspeaker headset ,cables, handlebar  PTT button ) and radio sells for NZ$110  , This is a system "ready to go" straight out of the box .The range like all radio systems ,is very dependant on the position of the antenna in relation to the users  body  . In the jacket pocket  gives the worst range  (couple of hundred yards)  up to stuck to the side of the helmet out in the clear may give a couple of Kms out in open country.(not the best look !! ). The radio uses AAA alkaline cells , it would be economical to purchase rechargeable NiMHydride cells   (these are  supplied  ) but always take some ordinary alkaline cells in case you ever get caught out on a ride with flat rechargable cells. The radio is NOT water  resistant and would need to be placed in a zip lock bag or something similar.
These radios meet     AS/NZS 4365- 1996 specifications  and have  Australasian compliance approval .   There is a simple modification to increase the effective range of this radio by changing the wire helical antenna inside the rubber duckie  with a  more efficent quarter wave length (15cm) antenna  , if you purchase two systems at once I will perform this modification  for free   but you have to remind me at  purchase time  ( im sure you wont forget if something is free ) 


Price: (headset and radio) $110.00 each,  plus postage   with "thin mic" headset and external PTT Button
                                                                                                        available in boom mic as well

6 month warranty on parts and labour,  postage at customers expense , misuse, visual neglect and  damage negates warranty.          ie our usual policy applies

 "You look after it and we will look after You! "

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