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The SP2302AA is a 38 ch Two way UHF transceiver on the UHF CB frequencies for New Zealand and Australia 

It has  a "line of sight"  range of  well over  10 Kilometer*  , 38 usable Channels and 38 CTCSS frequencies,( 2 ch blocked for data transmission only )   it also has a  selectable 4 level speech inversion scrambler for added security if required  , An inbuilt timer  timer  / Stopwatch  (0:00:00 ~ 9:59:59)  max 10 Hr,  Dual frequency Watch facility , an adjustable  VOX Function,  Call Tone Melody (10 Songs) Automatic modulation  Level Control , Automatic Squelch Function,  Battery Level Display on the LCD,  Key Lock / Tone Function , LCD Back-light Function for night use ,  Selectable 0.5W/3W output power (default  3W)   Repeater Function on the first 8 channels ,  Detachable Antenna, 9.5cm antenna, optional 15.7cm quarter wave whip ,  Belt Clip Function

There are several features that make this radio ideal for motorcycle to motorcycle use.
The radio runs on a 4.8 Volt rechargable battery pack then can be clipped off and another added (if you have two .)
There is no annoying  Roger ..."Beep"..." that blasts your ear at full volume when you let the PTT button go  like a lot of Asian radios ! 
The output power is switchable from 0.5 W  to 3W at the press of a button! ( this power increase  will  more than double the range )
The Antenna is attached by way of an SMA connection ! this means the antenna can be changed for a bigger one or more importantly a more efficient  external UHF  antenna  of  4.5 dBi or whatever is available to suit your bike ,  can be mounted on the motorcycle and attached by coax to the radio . The antenna comes with a good length of coax and I have measured the loss and found it about 0.8 dB , so its not worth cutting the coax shorter  for signal improvement , just curl it up somewhere . Replacement with this  external  antenna setup allows a huge increase in operating performance and it is not uncommon to boost the "line of sight" operating range 3 times or more  from 10 up  to 30 Kms or even more !  to do 30 Kms distance you both have to be up quite high as the curvature of the earth doesnt allow line of sight at sea level! 
I have  just done a simplex test  ( not using a repeater ) using these radios and the  long external antennas ,  across lake Rotorua  at the widest point and with one  of us going as far as possible away from the lake, we were both up  higher than the lake itself  and at 15Kms apart line of sight , the signal was loud and clear  on 0.5 w !   note this  test was  "line of sight"  not down among the houses and traffic  where the range will be less . 
The radio can also be charged and run off the motorcycle  12v battery by way of the optional cigarette lighter adapter cable, so you dont have to use the internal 4.8 V battery !  Ride all day talking without fear of flat batteries  and have the internal battery charge as you ride !! 
The internal chassis of this radio is cast aluminium ,  not plastic and the whole radio has a solid feel to it.
Unfortunately the radio is not waterproof so will need to be kept out of the rain ,  a ziplock bag is handy !

                      Connections and radio size  next to AA battery    $165                                         Fist Mic        $45

The headset  cable plugs into the top of the radio  to the right of the  detachable Antenna , and the optional cigarette light power, source  plugs into the bottom of the set , the radio is negative earth, It is vitally important that the cigarette plug end is left on the power cable as it contains the protection fuse   circuitry so you will have to purchase a suitable socket into which you plug the adapter ,Dick Smith Jaycar or Altronics sell them ,  this socket of course is wired to the motorcycle battery with the correct polarity  ie negative earth and centre connection positive.

`                     Cast Metal Chassis                                                                                                                optional 4.5DBd antenna ( long one)$50


             Top connections  antenna  and external mic/headset                                    Velcroe to Tank within easy reach 

The Received  Audio level is  more than adequate and you could run ear plugs with this  system, there is potentially that much Volume available , the speech is clear and crisp communications quality   We have no doubt that you will be pleased with the performance of this setup  .
I stuck my radio to the Tank of my motorcycle with  a large "slab" velcro  so the radio was at my fingertips  . I can take the radio off for security reasons  or use at the swap meet so i can find my mates later for a beer      ( and  at a later date ,  peel the velcro  wool off without damaging the paintwork !!  )


we have in helmet  headsets to suit these radios at  NZ$80              we stock the optional external antenna  as well   .

NZ$165  inc  gst         radio and  external power cable,                        ( does not include  optional external 4.5 dBd  antenna system or headset )



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We are doing a complete kit consisting of Sp23022AA radio ,12v cigarette charger, motorcycle cellphone holder , wire mic headset PTT and cables to suit  for NZ$250




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