Cell Phone headset :

This is the latest product , a  cell phone headset for use on the motorcycle at motorway speeds (up to  ~100 Kph) , We have been working on this for some time and have a successful  workable solution. We have managed to develop this product without having to resort to outboard amplifiers requiring batteries etc (  more to go wrong ) . At the moment the headset is limited to  cell phones



that have a 2.5mm stereo socket  plug with ring, tip and sleeve  only ( careful,  some of the Nokia phones  as shown in the photograph, have a 2.5mm plug with the configuration  (tip, ring, ring and sleeve!) no, not a typo error!  I have used an 2.5mm stereo plug to Nokia   adapter  (NOT SUPPLIED) but obtainable from us (PHS Ltd,) to enable the 2.5mm headset to plug in and be used .
We now have  Pop Port  adapters to fit most common models of cell phone  . A lot of newer small phones use a  2.5mm stereo socket (tip, ring, sleeve), eg Motorola Startac, Hyundi, Samsung etc so our headsets will plug straight in, without needing an adapter. Feed the helmet over your head carefully and into position , feel up the side of your head to make sure your ears aren't  folded in half over the earspeakers,  otherwise they ( your ears) will get sore! and re position the earspeakers, if necessary.
Place the ear cushioned speakers squarely over the ears , when you have them in the correct position, you will notice a reduction of outside noise, This is also quite noticeable when riding (by the reduction in noise the bike engine makes)  ( well on my old 73 Norton anyway !! )  and on cold days your ears will feel warmer too! This is the correct position for the ear speakers.  Make sure you switch the cell phone to "auto answer" with headset , before plugging in , or the headset will not work correctly .
 Please don't try and dial out when riding! its not a good look. (A nice new bike integrated with  the rear of the 5 tonne truck you were following before you made the call ! )
See our  list of models of cell phone our range of adapters  will fit ! Use of the MP3/radar detector cable with this unit drops one speaker off the cellphone so the music can stay in stereo ( both speakers)       don't forget to look at our bluetooth cellphone motorcycle  headsets      at $120 
                     Headset only, with 2.5mm plug              
45 .00     plus gst +postage

                             Optional adapter for other type of cell-phone connection   NZ$5.00 plus gst








































The cellphone headset I recently purchased has proved to be a real time saver for my line of work, invariably the minute I put me helmet on & head off round town it rings. Now with my phone on auto answer and connected to the headset which easily fitted into my helmet by little Velcro pads,  I can receive mobile calls and converse clearly while still riding round the city, the system evens hangs up when finished meaning I don't even have to take my hands off the bars at any stage.

The only weird thing is you get strange looks from motorists staring at the rider talking to himself at the lights - you can just see them thinking ' Oh look at that poor bastard - probably has brain damage or something - he's talking to himself'
Alan Duff
Bike Mart/Kiwi Rider Magazines

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